“So We Can Wake Up To An Attack Like The Udi Massacre In A Part Of Lagos & You Will Say, It’s Not Under Your Control” – Actor Alexx Ekubo Asks Gov. Sanwo Olu As He Washes Hands Off The Endsars Killing

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Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo has poured his heart as he calls out the incumbent governor of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwo Olu.

This was coming after an interview Sanwo Olu had with Arise TV News. The governor apologized to Lagosians about the 2020 Lekki Tollgate massacre, which is still piercing the hearts of the youths.

Sanwo Olu claimed he was not the one who gave the order for the youths to be massacred, and he was also not in charge of the military.

He, however, promised to turn a new leaf and be attentive to the pleas of his people.

In response to the interview, Alex Ekubo queried Sanwo Olu for being mute for the past three years and only coming out during the elections.

The wonderful actor claimed Sanwo Olu could have won the hearts of Lagosians if he had addressed the mass murder of the youths during the EndSARS protest that rocked the nation.

Citing how Governor Wike of Rivers State stood for one of his citizens, Alex Ekubo claimed the Lagos state governor could have prevented the mess he is in right now.

“Personally, I don’t have anything against S.O., but I’m just wondering why we’ve seen more of him doing actual groundwork & answering questions in the last couple of days than he has in the last 4 years.

“His Excellence, just imagine you came out days or weeks after #EndSars & gave this heartfelt explanation, It would have exonerated you to a large extent, we’ve been asking #WhoGaveTheOrder you ignored.

“3 years later, you are now addressing the issue, it’s pitiful & sad. Everywhere I turn, I see u Shalaye-ing, I even saw u in my dream last night, explaining something to me.

“Also, S.O., let me add, you saying you have no control over the military & police in a state you are Chief Executive Officer, is doing you & your campaign more harm than good.

“What you are saying in earnest, is that we can wake up to an attack like the Odi Massacre in a part of Lagos & you will say, it’s not under your control.

“S.O the difference btw the Odi Massacre of 1999 & now is that our parents were timid & scared, we the #SoroSoke generation are not! Because why die in Silence when you can die screaming.

“S.O, let me remind you of the time in 2016, Dss from Abuja, with police & army, laid siege & broke into Joy Nunieh’s (former MD NDDC) Port Harcourt residence in an attempt to arrest her because she spoke about the illegalities of the Commission levelling so many allegations against AKPABIO.

“Wike got into his car as Chief Executive Officer of the state, same position you hold & drove to her house, ordered those men to stand down, that they can’t arrest anyone in his state without his express permission, that they should wait for her to enter Abuja then they can do whatever, but as long as she is in River State, she is his responsibility he further went ahead to threaten them that if they don’t stand down he will treat them as terrorists & enemy of state, & whatever they see they should collect.
He put the woman in his car & drove to Govt house, that they should come & arrest her there.

“My respect for Wike quadrupled. But then again, that was the old Wike, when Wike was Wike, now I no understand the choirmaster again. All of una just dey do anyhow. 🤦🏾‍♂️

“I’ve met you a couple of times, & studied you from afar I think you are a decent guy with good intentions, just that circumstances beyond you are getting in the way of your better judgment.

“Finally, if you are going to maintain this line of argument that you didn’t give the order, then tell us who did, so we can leave you & focus on the person.

“& abeg no come tell me anything privately for the dream, I no dey too remember my dream, say it here let’s all bear witness. Shalom.

“God Bless us All.”


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