“Stupidity At Its Peak & Unintelligent” Yemi Alade Lambastes Bloggers & Debunks Claims Of Being Sexually Harassed In The Music Industry

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Nigerian singer Yemi Alade has shut down viral reports of her being sexually harassed in the music industry.

Hours ago, an interview by Yemi Alade went viral, in which she revealed that the reason she hardly wins awards in the music industry is because men want to sleep with her.

She also further stated that her refusal to engage in such activities may have impacted her award recognition in Nigeria.

She expressed that she is often not nominated in award categories and that this has largely to do with men.

She also stated her confusion that even though she is one of the most viewed and most subscribed Nigerian female artists on YouTube, she still constantly feels overlooked by the award shows.

Now, taking to her Instagram story, she debunked such a report as she questioned if bloggers have started creating false stories whenever they’re bored.

She called such reports stupidity at its peak and unintelligent, revealing that when she read the interview, she was speechless as she noted how she had suffered at the hands of rumor peddlers.

Telling them to get a job, she added that such a writeup is an unintelligent excuse for a blogger.

“So y’all gon start creating false stories every time you get bored? SMH! Stupidity at its peak! Very unintelligent write-up.

When I read the interview that Yemi Alade recently did, I was like “Wow, Yemi Alade don suffer”. Mtchewwwwww get a job stupíd rumor mongers of false news.

Unintelligent excuse for a bug with phone!!

Aka dùmb blogger”.

Recall that her colleague, Cynthia Morgan, had weighed into it as she revealed how she was able to survive sexual harassment in the music industry.

She made it known that she had never witnessed sexual harassment in the industry, much to the surprise of many, because she was a tomboy and was constantly threatening people, which made them scared of her.

Cynthia expressed how saddened she was by how being feminine and wanting to be successful makes one prey.

She prayed for a better Nigeria and world as she urged Yemi Alade and others to stay tough, as she was assured God would see them through.

In other news, Yemi Alade gave important advice about marriage as she spoke out about the pressure from her family and friends to get married.

She subtly debunked rumors that she had wed her manager, as she stated that she was single. She noted how people tie the knot, especially at the end of the year, but she wasn’t under any pressure to do so as she believed in the right time.

Yemi admitted that family pressure is a challenging thing; however, she believed that if they genuinely love her, they will be patient, as finding the right man is more crucial than just getting married.


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