The LEAKED AUDIO Korra Obidi’s Ex-husband Doesn’t Want You To See

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This conversation took place several months after Justin Dean made the announcement that he was getting a divorce from Korra. Following the separation, Justin took Korra’s children away just a few days after she gave birth. This led Korra to involve the police and obtain a restraining order against Justin for a month for yanking a newborn off her mother’s breast. During this time, the LA chiropractor spoke with various bloggers, including Flora, a Canadian blogger, who had an intimate conversation about making Korra suffer. Unfortunately, Flora recorded their conversation and later leaked it on social media. However, this marked a stark departure from the man who had claimed to have been quiet for two years, hinting at a darker side that had been concealed.

* In the audio, Justin Dean expressed worries after flirting with his female patients. * He talked about neutralising Korra and making her lose her kids forever * Say everything was under control until her sister Nancy got involved. * He blamed Korra for people complaining that he was intimate with them without their consent. * He claimed to have a video of Korra with another man and would be forced to publish it if she continued to prevent him from seeing his children.

* He also claimed he was packaging her to be the next Beyonce, but she kept sabotaging his efforts. * Finally, he gave the lady Korra’s number so that she could contact her and claim she had her S.TAPE to get Korra to talk.

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