The Sad Reason & Shocking Truth Why Davido & Chioma Assurance Ship Crashed?

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    The more die-hard Assurance fans try to believe that Davido and Chioma are still together. Davido appears unbothered and continues to blow his covers with shocking videos and pictures. Some are saying he doesn’t have any shame, the devil is fast, but davido is faster when it comes to romance and jumping onto a new girl.

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    However, other superfans of the Jowo singer are saying these photos scream music video.  The truth is, Davido has moved on with his life after a sad experience and doesn’t give an F**k about what people think of him after the Chivido ship crashed.

    The Assurance couples recent action of living a separate life, not celebrating each other on social media like they used to or complemented each other’s achievements, has got many heartbroken fans asking, what really happened? Has Davido’s fiance Chioma, been relegated to the post of baby mama?

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