The Tragic Full Story Of MR SPELL Who Went From Grass To Grace, Grass To FINALLY Grace Again

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One moment, he was Aka Dede Nne, the street drunkard and the next, he had become Mr Spellz, the viral internet sensation. And then, another moment, he is back on the streets again, looking unkempt and malnourished and begging for money and food.

The current state of Mr Spellz, a Nigerian once considered a celebrity, has caused quite a stir on social media and got people questioning what happened to him. Mr Spells sadly was spotted back on the streets in 2021, and several videos of him begging for alms and looking unkempt kept making their way around social media. There was no explanation of how he went from having a taste of fame to worthless and homeless. Many accused his management of using and dumping him when his potential became boring.

After Mr Spellz’s predicaments hit social media again, another good samaritan volunteered to take care of him. Who is Mr Spells? Are his helpers genuinely trying to help, or is it all clout? Why did he end up in the streets again in the first place? #MrSpell #MrSpelllife #MrSpellStory

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