“The World Has No Clue What I’m Going Through” Actor Bolanle Ninalowo Opens Up About His Journey Through Fatherhood

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Popular Nigerian actor Bolanle Ninalowo opened up about what he has been going through as a father, offering valuable insights into the complexities of parenthood.

Ninalowo emphasized the significance of strength, patience, perseverance, wisdom, and, above all, the grace of God in navigating the challenges of fatherhood.

The actor expressed his belief that, despite the difficulties of the present, the bigger picture of his children’s future always outweighs the current challenges.

He emphasized the importance of turning personal pain and suffering into motivation, weaving his goals and objectives into the very core of his being.

Recognizing that the journey of fatherhood is not without its obstacles, Ninalowo acknowledged that, as his children grow older, they will inevitably face their own unique challenges and experiences.

However, he remains steadfast in his conviction that the truth will ultimately prevail, and there are no lies in the truth.

Ninalowo encouraged his followers to entrust their pain and struggles to God, as only He can provide vindication in due time.

He reassured those with sincere and genuine hearts that are visible to God that they need not be concerned about the actions of others.

In his words, “It takes absolute strength, patience, perseverance, wisdom and God’s grace! The world has no clue what I’ve been through and what I’m going through. I chose to be different. I’ve turned my pain and suffering into motivation. I’ve embedded my goals and objectives into the very essence of who I am, making them inseparable from my being.

“The bigger picture is always more significant than the present. It takes wisdom. Children will grow into adults, and there are simply no lies in any truth. The truth will prevail someday. Until then, leave your pain to God. Only He will provide vindication at His appointed time. Those with a true and clear heart, visible to God, have no reason to worry about what man can do. God will never forsake the truth. It might take time, but there is no destination without a journey.”

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