“There Are Many Daughters Of Jezebel In Nollywood Looking For Movie Producers & Directors To Fall”. Actor Charles Inojie Raises Critical Concern

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Nollywood actor Charles Inojie has expressed concern for the increasing rate at which many are entering Nollywood.

The movie star, in an interview on the Honest Bunch Podcast, lamented over the rate at which upcoming actresses are using the industry as grounds for their businesses.

According to him, this set of people don’t have an interest in Nollywood but are only using the industry as an advertisement for other businesses.

Describing them as daughters of Jezebel, he stated that they are on the hunt for Nollywood directors and producers to fall. He noted how this set of people can do anything to be in front of the camera.

“Those set of people who pay movie producers to star in a movie, are only chasing after title. They just want to hold onto it as a side hustle, as many of them are into businesses. They just need a tag to Nollywood.

It came into a time in the industry when there was an influx, it was as if Devil opened gate for angels to come in. And these people aren’t looking to build a career, they just want something to hold and say they are actresses to further their business.

There are many daughters of Jezebel in Nollywood. They can do anything just to be in front of the camera. And when you meet a character that isn’t properly formed as a producer/director, you will fall.

There are daughters of Jezebel looking for movie producers/directors to fall”.


Taking to the comment section, many concurred with him as they noted how many are calling themselves actresses but have rarely starred in movies.

One Lady Esty wrote, “That’s why actress full everywhere but na 5 we dey see for movies

One Desmond Alex wrote, “Where is the lie

One Peaceful Baddie wrote, “And where’s the lie? They are just there to advertise what their mama gave them

One Mheenarh wrote, “No lie told, Nollywood na just side hustle for most. Main hustle dey

One Omidan Mide wrote, “He isn’t even capping”.

Just days ago, Kanayo Kanayo had also lamented over the state of things in the industry.

The veteran, in an interview with Afia TV, stated that Nollywood shouldn’t be a ground for Brazilian Butt Life (BBL), sex workers, Instagram stars, and homosexuality.

Noting how the industry is a place for creativity, learning, and building one’s talents, he called out social media influencers, who are now taking over Nollywood, for being the biggest cause of disrespect in the industry, as he issued them a word of advice.

He, however, made it known that anyone is free to enter the film industry, but it should be based on talent.

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