‘’This Is Getting Out Of Hand” Actor Chinedu Ikedieze Expresses Frustration Over The Excessive Begging In His DM

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Popular Nigerian actor Chinedu Ikedieze, popularly known as Aki, has cried out over the alarming rate of online beggers.

The legendary actor took to Instagram to lament over the numerous people sliding into his Direct Message (DM, to seek assistance.

In a video on his page, Aki said someone even dared to send him a message asking for $35,000, while another person sent him a DM requesting $12,000.

An angry Aki made it clear that the outrageous monetary requests do not only come from Nigerians.

He appealed to social media users to be conscious of the fact that celebrities also have responsibilities. He stated that he can’t go about giving in to people’s demands, especially during this hard time.

‘’This is getting out of hand. How can you people turn my DM to Bank of Industry? If I open my DM is always ‘’Oga please, please, please’ Jesus! It is too much. The way you guys beg it is like we do not have responsibilities. If I start to share the money like that it will finish.

Imagine somebody was begging me for $35, 000. That is how much in Naira? Approximately twenty-something Million. Another one was asking me for $12, 000 that he wants to pen a shop. The problem is even that it is not just Nigerians.” he said.

“I’m so scared to open my DM; many Nigerians have turned beggers” Actress Biola Adebayo cries out

Similarly, Yoruba actress Biola Adebayo had written an open letter to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, Yemi Osibajo, Lagos State Governor Jide Sanwo-Olu, and other prominent politicians about the rising cases of hunger in the country.

In a lengthy post shared by Biola Adebayo, she said that the average Nigerian can’t afford basic amenities and that food is extremely expensive in Nigeria.

Biola Adebayo averred that the masses are suffering and can’t afford to eat well or eat at all; however, not everyone would want to leave the country, as she questioned who these political leaders would govern if everyone decides to leave Nigeria.

The actress revealed that she is always afraid to open her direct message because of the number of people asking for help, as she calls on the president to look into the hunger situation ravaging the country.

“Nobody owes you anything; work hard” Kate Henshaw to online beggers

Similarly, actress Kate Henshaw took time to address those who feel entitled to someone else’s money.

The movie star, via her verified Twitter platform, warned anyone who finds himself or herself in such a position to desist from such behavior and rather work hard to earn their own money.

Kate Henshaw wrote, “You are not entitled to money that is not yours…No! Stop that bad behavior that the world owes you anything. Those working hard to make every penny deserve to spend or give it away the way they choose. Keyword here is ‘Working Hard’. Very disturbing indeed and smacks of witchcraft, for lack of better word.”

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