“This Man Stole My Money; He Started Threatening And Blackmailing Me”—Doris Ogala Drags Pastor Chris Okafor 

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Nollywood actress Doris Ogala isn’t backing down soon from dragging clergymen and the founder of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries (MLMM)., Pastor Chris Okafor.

The movie star, who accused him of owing her, has taken to her Instagram page to make a strong allegation against him, accusing him of blackmail and threats.

She claimed that he stole her money as she recalled how someone gave him N35 million of her hard-earned money to give to her, but he told her the person only paid N15 million and gave her 10 million and held onto N5 million.

She thought the person was still indebted to her, unaware that the clergyman had taken all the money.

Calling him out, she revealed that he started threatening and blackmailing her the moment she asked him for the money.

Doris revealed that he is using his status as a self-acclaimed man of God as a means to shut her up, telling her that no one would believe her and they would turn against her.

“THIS man stole my money. Someone gave him 35 million of my hard-earned money to give to me. He told me the person only paid 15 million gave me 10 million and held onto 5 million…

With me still thinking the other person was still owing me.. not knowing he took all my money. Chris, I want my money complete… now I’m asking him for my money. He started threatening and blackmailing me. Simply because he’s a self-acclaimed man of God. I should not speak. Me I’m the anointed of God. Touch me not. I want my money period… he said because he’s a pastor, no one will believe me. That people will turn against me. He started threatening me.. he even said some people are begging him that they want to drag me. All I want is my money. I worked for it”.

It was reported weeks ago that Doris had called out the clergyman, demanding he refund her money.

Advising anyone who knows him to inform him about her statement, she noted how many of these pastors love to use people, as she made him realize that he had used the wrong person.

In other news, Doris Ogala had called out her colleague, Uche Elendu, for fighting a married woman over her husband’s property.

Sharing court documents, Doris questioned why the actress would be fighting her lover’s legal wife and mother of his 5 kids, as she recalled how the actress used her power to restrict the legal wife from his properties.

Recently, Doris indirectly shaded Uche Elendu, whom she referred to as a witch, to stop comparing herself to BBNaija Queen, who got married legally a few days ago.

Doris went on to state that no mother or sister would allow their son to marry her.

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