“Till Your Own Child Die” Yul Edochie’s 2nd Wife Judy Austin, Attack Netizens Calling Out Yul For Not Being A Faithful Father

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Nollywood actress Judy Austin has slammed those dragging her husband, Yul Edochie, back to work barely two months after his son’s death.

Africanglitz reported in May that after two months of mourning the death of his first son, Kambilichukwu, who died in March, Yul was back to his daily activities.

The filmmaker had returned to what he loved doing the most, Acting, alongside his wife.

Taking to his Instagram page, Yul Edochie shared photos of him on a movie set as he expressed gratitude to his Maker.

Many weren’t pleased with his quick return to work and mercilessly dragged him along.

Judy Austin defends Yul Edochie

Now taking to her Facebook page to slam them, Judy told them to allow her husband to breathe as they don’t know what he went through behind closed doors.

She stated that he left home in unbearable pain and had to go back to work to take care of his family.

According to her, nobody knows what he has been through for over a year or what he has had to endure to date.

Judy added that her husband, Yul, doesn’t owe anyone any apology, as it’s left between him and his God.

“This man lost his first son and you want to tell him how to mourn. You want to tell him how to behave, wait till you lose your own, then show us how it’s done. But until then, as long as you haven’t experienced that pain please shut up. If you don’t have anything good to say just shut up.

Because you don’t know what he has been going through since last year April. You don’t know what he had to endure till today. And he doesn’t owe you that story, it’s left for him and his God. But what you need to do is mind your business.

He left home in the midst of unbearing pain and he had to go back to work. Who will take care of his children? Who will pay his children’s school fees? Who will feed them? He is a man, he went back to work because he need to go back to work but it’s a problem for you people.

If he wants me to dance for him to be happy, I will dance for him and do dance-a-thon. Whatever he needs from me, I would do it.

You don’t know what he sees in his house, you don’t know what he is going through.

Come for me and I will come for you 10 times.
Come for Odogwu I will come for you 10,000 times over”.


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Judy Austin sheds light on how she met Yul Edochie hours after May Edochie returned to normal life

Earlier in the week, Judy Austin shed light on how she met Yul Edochie after her first marriage was dissolved.

Judy Austin claimed she met Yul Edochie years after her first marriage was dissolved in 2013, claiming that was the first time she set her eyes on him.

The fast-rising actress claimed the reports circulating about her on social media were false.

In a video shared on her social media page, Judy Austin revealed she made the video to clear the air about dating Yul Edochie while still married to her first husband.

“My previous marriage ended in March 2013. And I set my eyes on Yul Edochie for the first time, years after my marriage was completely dissolved.

“So, anyone saying otherwise they are plainly lying. If I’m lying, if I saw Yul while in my previous marriage, let all the curses that people have been heaping on me, let it happen to me a billion times over”.

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