Tiwa Savage Reveals How She Is Being Blackmailed Over A Sex Tape, 2021 Loss & More In New Interview

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Nigerian music star, Tiwa Savage, shocked everyone after revealing that she made a sex video with a partner, claiming she is being blackmailed for a ransom.

Tiwa Savage who did not reveal the identity of her partner opened up during a conversation with American radio host, Angie Martinez on Power 105.1. Although Tiwa said the video is not a sex tape, she, however, revealed that it was an intimate moment between her and her new partner.

The mother of one said, “Yesterday, I was leaving a radio station and I was in my car when my road manager forwarded me a sms.

“He said I should check my phone. I checked it and there was a video, and I was just like, ‘Wow!’

“I enquired from him where he got it from and he said he received it about 20 minutes earlier.

“The video was sent to him and it is a tape of me and the person I am dating right now.

“The first thing I did after I got off the phone was that I sent it to my manager and asked what we should do.

“The person is asking for fund now. The person I am dating is going crazy too.

“My manager asked how much the person is asking for. “

But the singer said she had decided not to pay the blackmailer because blackmailers usually come for more.

“I decided I was not going to pay the person because if I do, two months from now, three months down the line, or even two years later, you are going to come back again.

“Who knows, if I send the money, the person will probably release it. I am not going to let anyone blackmail me for doing something natural,” she added.

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Apart from being blackmailed, Tiwa also opened up about finding love again. The singer has not been in a public relationship since she split with her ex-husband Tunji ‘Tee Billz’ Balogun.

Tiwa has however been linked with some other relationships, although she never confirmed them.

In this interview, she revealed that she has started seeing someone recently.

“He’s someone I care about a lot; it’s like a month. He’s a sweet guy; he’s very supportive,” she said.

Although she refused to give details about her new man, Tiwa Savage revealed that he is not in the entertainment industry.

The Afrobeats queen also talked about losing loved ones. Apart from losing her father, Tiwa talked about losing a close friend, Habeeb Uthman, also known as Obama DMW, an aide of Afrobeats star Davido.

Two weeks after that, she lost her dad.

“I’ve had a crazy year; I lost my friend, my very close friend, my dad passed away two weeks after that,” she said.

Tiwa also revealed that she doesn’t want her son to follow her footstep when it comes to life career but to find his own authentic self.

Another conversation that was touched was the growing Afrobeats’ movement, Martinez drew a parallel with the hip-hop genre and its early days.

Tiwa Savage spoke about watching Burna Boy at his show and her plan to attend Wizkid‘s concert in Los Angeles, Martinez again mentioned hip-hop and how the artists in the genre were not supportive of each other in its early days like Afrobeats.

Tiwa Savage agreed and opined that Afrobeats is not competitive like hip-hop.

I also think the genre is very competitive. When you are spitting bars, you have to diss somebody. Afrobeats isn’t really like that, she said.

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Talking about her dreams for the genre, Tiwa Savage said she wants to see Afrobeats stars win Grammy awards and perform at the Super Bowl.

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