Toniaamaka Chrisokere: Time is a Priceless GIFT!

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Time is a Priceless Gift

Time is a priceless GIFT, you can’t afford to take back after spending it. Wisely make good and beautiful memories with yours because time is very expensive. Don’t be stingy with yours, when needed. And if you’re in the position to be of help, gladly HELP.

Give it generously but refuse to be taken for granted. Because people are PAID for their TIME if you won’t be paid, your precious TIME shouldn’t be taken for granted. Your time should be valued and appreciated to keep you motivated in order to keep investing your precious time because time spent is an INVESTMENT.

Wisely invest your precious time on what’ll enhance your emotional wellbeing. You can’t give what you DON’T have. Consciously refuse to run empty. A welldone will refuel you. A thank you will inspire you. A hug will revive you. A smile will awaken you. Cling to what and who strengths you not who drains or weaken you. Nobody can pay back time. People can only make up for lost time and it then means that you’re missing out in some other things as they’re making up, something else, is either waiting or passing because time is not sentimental and waits for no one. Be time conscious not to waste it playing hide and seek or the blame game because time is very expensive for such, at a certain stage of one’s existence.

Time is a GIFT refuse to believe that you have nothing to give and always remember that NOBODY is busier than the Everlasting Living Progressive Ageless God. Be kind to YOURSELF and be fair to others because we’re all heaven citizens residing on earth for different purposes that’s why hell is shut forever because everyone is RELEVANT.

Toniaamaka Chrisokere…..Everlasting obedience to You Dad.


Toniaamaka Chrisokere is a single mother of four Sickle Cell Children. God used her pain to transform her life. She is home schooled by God Himself and He’s trusted her  with an undocumented truth which time can NEVER PROVE wrong that there’s only one Uncreated Creator who created everyone and everything and loves all His creatures with an IRREVOCABLE Love that’s why hell is shut forever because everyone and anyone is relevant. In her spare time, Toniaamake is a playful soul, a lover of music who also enjoy dancing.
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