Tonto Dikeh Expresses Pride In Pastor Jerry Eze Over His Prayer Conference In The UK

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Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has expressed pride in clergyman Pastor Jerry Eze over his recent program that shut down London.

Tonto Dikeh, who watched videos from the concert from bed, revealed that it gave her goosebumps.

It was reported that the celebrity pastor shut down London as 70,000 people gathered to worship God with him at the Excel Arena in London.

Speaking on it, she noted how his groundbreaking achievement is a manifestation of God’s calling on him.

Praising him, she stated that this is what he has been called to, which is to raise lives and souls for the kingdom.

God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.
Watching this from bed is sending goosebumps on me right now!!! This is a total manifestation of WHEN YOU ARE TRULY CALLED BY GOD!!
Papa @realjerryeze, this is it!!! This is what God is doing with you… This is the lives/souls he’s using you to raise for the KINGDOM…

Over 70,000 people saw the light, recognizes it, and come out to identify with it!!! The time is now, the day is today!! Now it’s the hurt!!! JESUS IS IN VOGUE”.

Jerry Eze gives Tonto Dikeh a huge gift

This is coming days after Tonto Dikeh, who marked her 38th birthday on June 9th, publicly appreciated Jerry Eze for sending her a sizable sum of money, which she claimed rattled her bank account.

Appreciating the pastor, Tonto Dikeh wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post:

“I would love to appreciate my papa, my spiritual leader @realjerryeze, papa I can’t shout, you shook my account balance… Eh pastor when will I finish this money, I am in awe. God bless you, sir.

I am super grateful for the gift of you in my life. I pray that your pocket will never run dry Amen oooo pastor see my dancing ikwere dance. God favor you, sir, Thank you too mummy @enojerry22.

Please help me thank my Papa @realjerryeze ooh pastor you did dorime on my account… I can’t even stop dancing.

What God cannot do, does not exist.”

A journalist queries popular pastor Jerry Eze for gifting Tonto Dikeh a huge amount of money

Reacting to it, a Nigerian Journalist, Moji Danisa, called the pastor out for his gift to the actress.

The journalist, via her Instagram page, questioned the clergyman’s motive for gifting such a large sum of money.

Warning him to stay away from Nollywood drama queens, she stated that she doesn’t believe in Tonto’s statement that he sent money to her.

“This is for you Pastor Jerry Eze. Stay away from Nollywood Drama Queens. You sent money to this one for her birthday. I will still say allegedly because I nor wan believe, she don carry you enter social media say na substantial amount. Imagine! So all those small donations and the big ones from those who truly believe in you na… Let me stop here… I don’t want my hand to scratch me too much this morning. Nevertheless, this is a very simple advice. Thank you”.

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