Top 10 Nollywood Classic Movies To Watch On Netflix

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The past few months have been so boring for most of us. Even though it’s now safe to go outdoors, you still have limited access to most public facilities. While some of us still prefer to spend most of our time at home, just to be on the safe side.

Netflix has become ‘The New Cinema’ where you can check out some interesting movies to pass away time. Nollywood movies are also making their way on the platform and there are several interesting Nigerian movies to binge-watch.

Thanks to ‘WatchSuya’ a new Youtube channel dedicated to Top 10 Nollywood movies, check out these video of compiled Top 10 Nollywood Classic on Netflix. Check it out to see if there’re any Nollywood movies you’ll like to watch or you haven’t seen yet.

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After watching the video, please let us know if you found any interesting Nollywood classic that made your day!


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