“Two Things I Did To Forestall Sexual Harassment In The Music Industry,” Cynthia Morgan Reveals As She Urges Yemi Alade & Others To Stay Tough

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Nigerian dancehall singer Cynthia Morgan, now known as Madrina, has revealed how she was able to survive sexual harassment in the music industry.

In a now-deleted post on her Instagram story, she made it known that she has never witnessed sexual harassment in the industry, much to the surprise of many.

She disclosed that being a tomboy and constantly threatening people made them scared of her. Cynthia noted how she was always threatening people about how she would import people from Benin to fuck them up, which made many fear her in Lagos.

Cynthia expressed how saddened she is by how being feminine and wanting to be successful makes one prey.

She prayed for a better Nigeria and world as she urged Yemi Alade and others to stay tough, as she was assured God would see them through.

“When I tell people I never witnessed sexual harassment in the music industry they are always surprised. Firstly, in real life, I was a tomboy and secondly, I always use to threaten people on how I will import people from Benin to fuck everybody up. Them they fear me for that Lagos.

It’s just so sad how being feminine and wanting to be successful makes you a prey. I really pray for a better Nigeria/world.

Stay tough.

God will see us through”.

This is coming hours after Yemi Alade revealed the reason she hardly wins an award in the music industry is because men wanted to sleep with her.

She also further stated that her refusal to engage in such activities may have impacted her award recognition in Nigeria.

She expressed that a lot of times she is not nominated in award categories and that it largely has to do with men.

She also stated her confusion that even though she is one of the most viewed and most subscribed Nigerian female artists on YouTube, she still constantly feels overlooked by the award shows.

Similarly, actress Bimbo Ademoye recounted how movie producers wanted to take advantage of her curvaceous physique during the early stages of her career.

In an interview, Bimbo claimed that filmmakers wanted to stereotype her for sexual roles. She said filmmakers wanted her to play slutty roles in movies because of her sexy body, but she declined. Luckily for her, filmmaker Uduak Isong gave her ‘her’ first big break.

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