UK Government Sanctions Pastor Chris Loveworld Channel Over Controversial Statements on Coronavirus & 5G Technology

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The government organization In charge of media content in Britain has moved to take action against Pastor Chris Oyakhilome over the statements he made concerning the coronavirus pandemic in April.

The office of Communications, commonly known as Ofcom, has sanctioned Loveworld Television Network, the United Kingdom-based station belonging to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, over his controversial comments that linked the outbreak of coronavirus to 5G technology.

British media regulator Ofcom said in a statement that while it does not oppose broadcasts airing controversial views or those challenging health authorities, the claims aired by Christian channel Loveworld News calling the pandemic a “global cover up” posed serious health consequences to viewers as it risked undermining their trust in health officials.

Ofcom said another report during the broadcast touted hydroxychloroquine as a cure for coronavirus leaving out doubts about the efficacy of the drugh and potentially harmful side effects.

The regulatory company held that Oyakhilome breached several rules in its broadcasting code, thereby imposing a sanction while considering whether to impose further sanction.

In April 7, 2020, Pastor Chris had linked the coronavirus pandemic to 5G technology during a sermon at the Love World Convocation Center in Lagos. He had said that:

“with the classification of a weapon, 5G technology is very dangerous. When it comes into contact with a human body, it can provide some poisons to the cells because our bodies try to fight the radiation, kicking out some protein and some DNA cells in a form of a chemical, which is called a virus. This shows that what’s killing people is not Coronavirus but 5G.”

The preacher has also been critical over some of the social distancing measures adopted by the Nigerian government to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country.

Photo Credit: Loveworld

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