Venting Is Not Gossip: Embrace the Art of Expressive Release

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    I used to find myself disheartened by the shortcomings of others, but I have evolved beyond that sentiment.

    The expeditiousness with which individuals disappoint allows for their prompt removal from the realm of my hopeful contemplations.

    Narc Abuse 101

    In the realm of interpersonal communication, it is crucial to discern between gossip and venting, particularly when exploring their association with anger and narc-abuse. While venting is based on evidence of an injustice, seeking ramification or help. To dismiss venting as gossip and condemn it as evil is to overlook the nuanced complexities of human expression and the psychological benefits it can provide.

    Sharing their experiences is a form of talking therapy or trauma dumping, and it is something that everyone needs — a friend to confide in, or a therapist. Does that mean therapists are now gossiping with their clients?

    If you possess nothing to conceal, there should be no cause for concern regarding any statements made about you, particularly if they lack veracity. Consequently, you have the opportunity to refute them with factual evidence, if available, in a sincere manner. Narcissistic individuals experience a heightened state of agitation when confronted by their survivors who bravely unveil the truth of their abusive behavior, as it undermines their ability to manipulate and deceive through gaslighting. This is the crux of the tumultuous situation at hand.

    This is the catalyst that ignited the “Me Too” movement in various regions, shedding light on how individuals such as Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, Epstein and Jimmy Savile were able to conceal their malevolence behind a facade for an extended period. It is indeed a lamentable circumstance that the survivors endured the repercussions of an enduring and oppressive silence.

    This detrimental practice of categorizing venting as gossip not only cultivates a negative atmosphere but also harms relationships, jeopardizing one’s mental and emotional health, all while narcissists adeptly portray themselves as victims.

    On the contrary, venting represents a healthier avenue for the expression of frustrations or concerns, including anger, in a constructive and cathartic manner. The repression of anger, an unhealthy practice, breeds resentment, strains relationships, and fosters the internalization of emotions. Venting, however, affords individuals the opportunity to confront and address their anger head-on, thereby preventing its accumulation and mitigating the risk of detrimental consequences.

    By engaging in venting, one embarks upon a journey of self-discovery and emotional growth. This process allows for the authentic and unfiltered expression of emotions, ultimately breaking the cycle of anger and nurturing one’s emotional well-being. It is imperative to grasp the distinction between gossip and venting, recognizing that the latter serves as a vital tool for personal development and the cultivation of healthy relationships.

    Expressing one’s emotions through venting is akin to engaging in a form of therapeutic dialogue. It is imperative to approach this process with empathy and compassion. Perpetrators of abuse often resort to manipulative tactics, such as gaslighting through silence, in order to exert control over their victims. Labeling the act of venting as mere gossip serves as a fundamental tactic of gaslighting.

    Interestingly, it is often those who vehemently condemn gossip that are the most adept practitioners of this deceitful art. These individuals, the masters of manipulation and gaslighting, skillfully wield gossip as a weapon to further their own agendas and undermine others. Beware the sly charms of these professional narcissists, for they possess an uncanny ability to distort reality and sow discord through their insidious gossip.

    In conclusion, let us embrace the art of venting, for it is a noble pursuit that allows us to navigate the labyrinth of our emotions with grace and authenticity. Let us reject the toxic allure of gossip, recognizing its destructive nature and the harm it inflicts upon ourselves and those around us. As we embark upon this journey of self-expression, let us remember the hashtags #musicflexnchill, #gossip, and #venting, as they serve as reminders of the importance of finding solace in the harmonious melodies of our own emotional release.

    When individuals are confronted about their questionable actions, they often respond defensively due to their ego being triggered. This reaction is quite predictable, as it is a common human response.


    Oh Almighty and Merciful Father, we humbly beseech You to accept our fears and anxieties as we place them before Your divine presence.

    In the face of the immense power of Your boundless love, we find solace and reassurance, realizing that there is no need for us to be burdened with worry.

    With hearts filled with faith, we surrender ourselves to Your infinite wisdom and compassion, trusting that You will guide us through the trials and tribulations that we may encounter on our earthly journey.

    In the sacred name of Jesus, we offer this prayer, seeking Your divine intervention and comfort. May Your divine grace envelop us, providing us with the strength and tranquillity to face any challenges that lie ahead. Amen.

    Àrèmúorin is a Multi Awardee Conscious Writer / Holistic Jazz Soul Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts. © 2023 Aremuorin All Rights Reserved

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