‘We Should All Be Farmers’ – Oge Nsimah Explains Why

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    With the way prices of food items are now, I will highly suggest every family should have a backyard farm.

    Backyard farming is one survival skill i learnt from my mother.There is no type of crop and vegetables you wont see in our backyard then…..Every little space in our house was turned to vegetable garden. My mother planted every edible crop around.

    I cant remember if my mother ever bought vegetables, pepper, cocoyam, or Garri in the market…once my mom is back from school, if she is not preparing her lesson note, she is in her backyard farm, removing weeds and nurture it…

    Backyard farming should no longer be a choice for us, but an economic necessity…with the rate things are going now, it wise to cut out somethings you buy in the market to minimize cost and eat healthy..

    If you buy everything you eat in the market, you will go broke. Some of you, pride is the reason why you are always hungry and broke.

    Millions of netizens are going to bed hungry each night because there is no food, forget what you see online, everyone is fine online.

    you are hungry yet you have empty land/space you can cultivate one or two crops to end the hunger.

    Those days our neighbors dont buy pepper and vegetables in the market too, many of them do bank on Madam Anna backyard farm

    You wont believe that fews years i stayed in Akwa ibom, i planted different type of vegetables,in large quantities.. i love fresh vegetable, it taste differently and motivates me to cook

    Stay away from people that thinks farming is for the uneducated, if you eat today say thank you to a farmer…

    Its not everyday that you need a service of a lawyer, a doctor etc, but once you wake up on a daily basis, you need a farmer, everything you eat comes from the farm, so why cant we all be farmers

    Honestly, buying all these chemically proudced vegetables and crops is not luxury, the real luxury is actually growing it by yourself..

    My point is, it is not necessary to by veggies in the market, we must Normalize Planting our Own to end to enjoy Good and conscious living

    Written by: Oge Nsimah

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