Wedding Of The Year? Grand P & His Ivorian Girlfriend, Eudoxie Yao Gets Engaged For The 2nd Time

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They say love comes in all shapes and sizes. It looks like this is the case for diminutive Guinean celebrity billionaire Grand P who proposed to his curvacious Ivorian girlfriend, Eudoxie Yao, for the second time after a breakup. The self-acclaimed African Kim Kardashian took back Grand P after breaking her heart.

Social media came to a standstill after Eudoxie Yao broke up with Grand P amid infidelity in 2021. But in less than a month, they found their way back to each other arms, as if they couldn’t stay apart for long. On the first of March 2022, the controversial couple surprised people again after getting engaged for the second time in two years on TV. While social media users continue to argue over possible reasons behind the unlikely match of Grand P and Ivorian Model, Eudoxie Yao, the celebrity couple continues to progress in their sweet romance, proving further that there is indeed someone for everyone when it comes to love. While tongues are wagging, Eudoxie Yao maintains that her relationship with her boyfriend and now fiance of almost three years is strong and that “size does not matter”.

Taking to Instagram, where she boasts 1.7million followers, Eudoxie wrote: “We are happy together, and this is the most important thing” – Eudoxie Yao Who are Grand P and his fiance Eudoxie Yao? How did this interesting romance start? Why are they getting engaged for the second time? Lastly, are they only in a relationship for the gram, or is this unlikely relationship one that would redefine your concept of love? #GrandP #EudoxieYao #GrandPandEudoxieYaowedding

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