‘What Is D’Banj Doing?’ – Is Trending And Here Is Why!

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Popular Nigerian Singer, D’banj has racked public attention after he arrested and detained a lady by the name Seyitan who accused him of rape in 2018.

Just about two weeks ago, Nigerian singer D’banj was accused of rape on social media by a lady, this brought a mix reaction on social media. Some people believed the victim, while others couldn’t imagine D’banj being capable of rape. There were also people who sat on the fence as the singer’s accuser’s story wasn’t very straight and believable.

D’banj initially ignored the allegation, however about two weeks after the allegation, he published a court order and slammed the lady 100M Naira payout for defamation of character

Things took a whole new turn on 17th and 18th of June 2020, after news broke that D’banj actually arrested the lady and her mother. D’banj’s action lead many to believe that he actually might not be innocent of the accusation by making such move, it looks like he is trying to intimidate and suppress the lady with power yet again.

So far, his suspicious action and the way he is going about the rape allegation has birthed the question. What is D’banj doing?

Weeks after the allegations surfaced, and after celebrating his 40th birthday with a virtual concert, D’banj spoke out on social media. 

In his Instagram post which has now been deleted from his page, D’banj wrote that the rape allegation is a slap to his marriage, his wife, and his entire family who believe in him. He also wrote that he did not want to dignify the slurs with a response. 

He claimed that the accusations had reopened the painful scars of the deep loss of his late son.

And importantly the case has been handed over to his legal team (Mike Ozekhome’s Chambers)  and also, the Nigerian Police to investigate the criminal aspect of the accusation. 

In Nigeria, an accused person of rape can rely on the justice system to resolve a situation. However, it’s not okay to abuse the power and resorts to underhanded tricks to take advantage of the justice system, especially as a celebrity and it looks like this is what Dbanj is currently doing.

According to reports, Seyitan, the victim got arrested and was denied access to friends, family and legal representation, but was reportedly released from custody after long illegal detention. This raised a lot of eyebrows on social media.

More reports had it that she was released to go home but ended into the hands of D’banj’s management team where she was intimidated to recant her allegation.

This was when some awkward information began to surface on her Twitter and Instagram account.

Seyitan’s previous posts and the original allegations got deleted. Replaced by posts that said that she is tired of the case and is moving on. Followed by tweets that seemingly promote a new soon to be released song by D’banj.

This was when more people began to pay attention to the unveiling story.

Is D’banj doing the right thing?

It looks like this story is still unfolding and we will keep you posted on the outcome.

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