Whitemoney Is Finally Evicted From The Big Brother House!

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When you’re seen as a formidable force in a competition, it’s only normal that your oppositions team up to eliminate you. Sometimes, even the persons you think to be close allies, can surprise you at the last minute.

Recently, fans of Whitemoney expressed their anger over a social media post coming from the supporters of Cross. If you recall, when the later was up for eviction sometime ago, the followers of the former rallied for votes to save him. Apart from followers of cross-voting him, the need for Whitemoney’s fanbase to vote for him, was seen from many, as a deploy to evict other housemates who were perceived threats, and were up for eviction.

Others saw it as a goodwill for someone who deserved to be saved.

Instagram Blogger, Tunde Ednut, alongside other fans of WM, have continued to express how disappointed they are with the fact that Cross’s handler publicly declared support for Angel in Queen, who are also up for eviction. In his words:

“Woooooow!!! Cross handler, woooooow… So, we supported you with our votes when White Money was head of house. Now we need your votes and support, una give am to ……… Oooooooooooooookay! Nice one… Anyways, no wam! We still love you. Who deeeeeeeeeeeeeey? Keep voting for @whitemoney_”

Cross, Emmanuel, and Liquorose were saved from eviction in the reality TV show after Emmanuel won a certain fairly contested game which was to give him some privileges. Apart from having the ultimate veto power, he also had the power to nominate the new Head of House, and this he did by nominating Liquorose. Cross was picked to deputize her, while the rest of the housemates were put up for eviction.

Inside the house, the housemates understand that WM could possibly win the show.

Outside the house, everyone understands that he and Liquorose seem to have the largest fanbase.

Since fans of Cross are to vote for Angel and Queen, it is with an intent to secure them higher votes than what WM would get. 

Another twist being that, fans of Liquorose could be in the same direction, since WM is the greatest obstacle she has.

So, what if this is the end of the road for WM? Will his fans be enough to salvage him from this?

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Written by: Edward Amah

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