Who Is Sarah Martins? How Deep Is She INVOLVED In Judy Austin, May & Yul Edochie’s Marriage Breakup?

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The controversy surrounding Yul Edochie’s polygamous relationship continues with Sarah Martins, a close friend of Judy Austin, becoming seriously embroiled in the family feud. Gossip account Gistlover published an exposé on August 25, accusing Sarah of paying fans to make harmful and threatening comments towards Yul and May Edochie’s only daughter, Danielle. This led to a public outcry, with many Nigerians calling out and dragging Sarah on social media. Overwhelmed by the backlash, Sarah took to her page, tearfully pleading with Nigerians to leave her alone.

In the hit of the moment, Rita Edochie followed May’s fans to shame Sarah Martins, who in return expressed her dissatisfaction with Yul Edochie’s Aunty, Rita Edochie, but unfortunately, her efforts were futile. Judy Austin Bestie took the high road and quickly apologized to Queen May, whom she formerly referred to as Aba-made Queen. During an Instagram live interview with Daddy Freeze, the aspiring model humbly requested that May Edochie, her fans, and Rita Edochie put past conflicts behind them, that she desires to regain her inner peace and clarity of thought and has resolved to distance herself from the Edochie family drama from henceforth, irrespective of her friend’s marital status with Yul Edochie. Sadly, Queen May fans have refused to drop their sword.

They claim Sarah Martins has caused the now mother of three and her children too much pain over the past months, and she, too, will never have peace of mind. They also said they know Sarah Martins will be back, like in the past.

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