Why People Need To Define Relationships: On Emmanuel of BBNaija saying he never asked Liqourose out

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    It is no longer news that in the wake of Liquorose revealing that Emmanuel cheated on her in Dubai, the fellow Ex-BBNaija housemate has stated he didn’t ask her out in the first place.

    This happened at the final episode of the “Big Brother ‘Shine ya eyes’ Reunion Show.”

    A lot of persons aren’t surprised, because it’s coming from a young man whom most of us believed was in the EmmaRose ship, just to survive eviction.

    I remember the romance being so fake in a certain week that viewers started noting the lack of chemistry between the two.

    Somehow, Emmanuel Umor was indirectly defining the real state of the relationship with his emotionless attributes, but Liquorose was so in love that she never noticed it to be a mirage. This is why people should be intentional about relationships.

    People need to define relationships in order to avoid stories like this repeating itself.

    In the Big Brother edition that featured Ozo and Nengi as housemates, the latter of the two was bitterly criticized for punishing Ozo, whom, regardless of how she kept putting him aside, continued showing how much he loved her.

    ‘’Ozo na mumu,” was among the many things he was called, because he was tirelessly trying to get the love of a girl who kept seeing him as insignificant.

    ” Nengi is very wicked,” was among the many things said about her.

    But the difference between the Ozo-Nengi case and the EmmaRose situation is in the fact that the former was well-defined. If the EmmaRose ship was well-detailed, there would be nobody saying someone cheated on them.

    Nengi repeatedly told Ozo that they cannot be in a relationship. She maintained her distance, and only gave him friendly attention she would ordinarily give any other housemate. So, whatever feelings Ozo was having for her, was him intentionally hurting himself.

    But if Emmanuel is saying he didn’t ask Liquorose out, then he didn’t ask her out. This actually means that he knew what he was doing – playing with her. He, like Nengi, ought to have made it known to Liquor that there is nothing serious about their closeness.  He is to be blamed to a good extent for leading her on. She obviously felt she was in a relationship, without knowing that she was dating herself.

    This is why people need to define relationships.

    I remember this girl who liked me so much and knowing that I wasn’t ready for a relationship, I made it known to her that we can only be friends. It was hard for her to accept, but it was better for the both of us.  I didn’t want to waste her time at all, and this enabled her channel her emotions towards another person who had asked her out.

    Imagine if I hadn’t defined the relationship by playing along, she would probably feel bad or accuse me of heartbreak when she sees me in the company of another lady. Again, my ability to define the relationship enable her cross paths with the person she later married.  Imagine wasting time with me and rejecting her suitors because of me?

    Every responsible human will not behave like Emmanuel Umor. He did her wrong by not stating that he didn’t want a relationship – he offended her by playing along all these while when what he actually wanted was an open relationship.

    Written by: Edward Amah

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