Why You’re Likely To See Snakes Inside Your Toilet?

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    It’s no longer news that a Nigerian lady recently died of a snake bite after the reptile attacked her in the toilet. She was a Nigerian Air Force woman. Lance Corporal Bercy Oga, who was attached to the Defence Intelligence Agency, was bitten by the snake while using a restroom in her flat at the NAF Base on Bill Clinton Drive in Abuja.

    This has brought about several discussions and questions, with most people feeling scared, after hearing that the possibility of snakes living in a restroom is almost common.

    So, when is one likely to see a snake in your water cistern?

    You can encounter snakes in your toilet when there’s a broken chamber, pipes, or not-well-covered soak away. If your soakaway has a good air inlet, no snake can gain access into it not to mention locating the pipe that leads to your house.

    Again, after repairs are done in the soakaway, some people are fond of not covering their slabs to the way it was before the repair. This mistake can lead to snakes or other things turning the slab to their home which would subsequently lead to paying you a visit inside the house. After the plumber is done with the repairs, ensure he cements the slab properly, to avoid exposing vulnerable areas from which snakes can crawl into the soakaway.

    Again, whenever you decide to run a waste pipe, ensure that the thickness is of good specification, otherwise, rats can easily bore a hole into it – they can do this on light pipes. And when they create this hole, other creatures can find their way inside through it.

    The filter of your floor drainage should always be covered – avoid removing the coverall in the name of wanting wastewater to move out faster. Even if you should do this, ensure you put it back to its previous location.

    However, there are postulations that act against the theory that snakes can locate your pipes from the soakaway. Some say snakes can’t survive inside soak away, given the chemicals generated there. However, it is better to be on the safer side of things by always sealing your soak away cover.

    If these steps are ensured, the only way you’ll have a snake in your restroom is when it crawls from another room in your house. There’s no way a snake will access your toilet from outside the building when you follow these steps.

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    Written by: Edward Amah

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