Will Soludo Be Declared Winner of Anambra Election, Or Will They Snatch It Away From Him?

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Being a man of the people, and a tested technocrat, Soludo of APGA seems to have amassed plenty of votes in the ongoing Anambra election. Seeing that the intention of IPOB to stop people from voting didn’t work out, will the APC deploy another tactic?

Some Anambrarians were already scared that the election would be rigged in favour of APC’s Andy Uba, had the IPOB sit-at-home order worked effectively. Some people sent their families out of Anambra, as seen in Enugu on Thursday – some families arrived in Enugu because of the expected fear of a bloodbath in the state. However, that didn’t happen.

There were so many assumptions on what APC could do to make the expected crisis favour them, since they owned national might of the military.

If the assumptions were right, then I guess the opposition party, with all its national military might, won’t find it easy to do anything stupid.

But why would INEC suspend collation of results? Why would they call for supplementary election for Ihiala?

 According to Punch Newspaper, bellow is the recent result of the election so far:

Total scores by all political parties

A – 1793

AA – 76

AAC- 580

ADC – 313

ADP – 743

APC – 42942

APGA – 103946

APM – 288

APP – 133

BP- 173

LP- 2697

NNPP – 111

NRM – 207

PDP – 51322

PRP – 428

SDP – 782

YPP – 20917

ZLP – 2070.                       

Total valid vote: 229521;

Rejected vote: 7841;

Total vote cast: 237362.

The collation officer for Orumba North said he signed the result sheet ‘under duress,’ and again, we’re meant to understand that Ihiala alone, has up to 148 000 registered voters.

Could this be an avenue or ploy to discredit APGA?

“I signed a report I didn’t believe in. I signed it under duress. I was teargassed. I was locked in the toilet until a policeman smuggled me out.

I could not even go out to ease myself. They were monitoring me up and down. At a point, I saw that my life was in danger, so, I have to sign the results they prepared.

I called out to my colleagues to tell them that I was in danger here.”

Those were the words of the collation officer who is known by Dr. Michael Out.

“This is the only local government I had a distress call from and I had to call the commissioner of police and told him that the lives of my staff are in danger,” Prof. Florence Obi said.

She is the state returning officer.

From the results declared at INEC LG office at Ajalli, it was seen that APGA candidate won 4826 votes to win in the council. APC got 2692 votes and PDP 1,863 votes.

Will this anomaly lead to a series of court cases? Will the ugly movie that played out in the Imo State Gubernatorial election repeat itself in Anambra State?

Time will tell.

Written by: Edward Amah

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