“Women Learn To Take Responsibility For Your Actions” – Oge Nsimah Reacts To Halima Abubakar’s Fresh Outburst!

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Popular controversial Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar over the weekend caused quite a stir on social media with a revelation. After several call-outs of her colleagues, including former BFF Shane George, Abubakar finally admitted to the public that she had an affair with a pastor Johnson Sule.
The actress kick-started her revelation by pointing out that she was deceived by Sule who had told her that he was separated from his wife.
Halima added that she messed up, but she is done lying to cover up the matter that initially stemmed from a lie.

In the same thread, the actress called out her Nollywood colleague Shan George, while sharing her conversation with another person. Shan George denied her despite their conversation on the Sule issue.

Reacting, popular social media commentator and realtor, Oge Nima wrote;

‘Actress Halima Abubaka’s confessions about her romance with popular Pastor Suleman is one of the most ridiculous things to read .
See, if you feel like confessing your sins, please take it to God in prayers; he alone has the power to forgive you of your sins; dont bring it to our timeline. We are not Jesus that washes away the sins of the world.

These desperate and unskillful Nollywood actresses will have consented sex with men, Use them pay their bills finish, Then when their market is not selling again, They become spiteful and start spewing trash.
Ogboni, is Pastor Suleman una only national cake? You people should give us other names nah..

This non-sense these actresses are doing is the reason why some Gullible Nigerians believe ladies sleep their way to the top, and I don’t blame them..I blame the yeyebrities!!

Ladies listening, if two adults had consensual sex, it’s a willful act; it’s wasn’t a rape, so no victim there; stop whining when your transaction failed to here, we are not interested.

You fell for him because you felt he had something that you wanted.
Consider that pure transactional sex is a risk you willfully involve yourself with,so bear the consequences.
He satisfied himself and probably compensated you with material gifts..so…

Women should learn to take responsibility for their actions as we want the male folks to own their responsibilities too.

Oge Nsimah

Oge Nsimah


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