“Work Smart, Make U No Go Dey Hustle Like Fool” Wizkid Slam Davido Following His Cryptocurrency Launch

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Nigerian music star Wizkid seems to have stirred the hornet nest as he throws shade at his rival, Davido.

Taking to the micro-blogging platform Twitter, now known as X, he urged the public to work smart so they wouldn’t hustle like fools.

“Work smart make u no go dey hustle like fool”.

This is coming on the heels of Davido launching his meme coin, $Davido. In his third go-around in crypto, Davido backed and promoted “Timeless Davido,” a crypto token—or meme coin—on Wednesday night.

While the token’s utility was unclear—the use cases appeared to be linked to an unknown website and telegram group—it was launched on the Solana blockchain and immediately broke through the noise of other obscure crypto tokens.

The excitement was short-lived. By Thursday morning, Davido’s valuation had dipped 90, and per the DEX screener, the coin’s liquidity was $291,000 at the time of this report.

This is not the singer’s first crypto rodeo, as in November 2021, he launched $echoke on the Binance Smart Chain to “provide access to giveaways, NFTs, festivals, exclusive merchandise, and other entertainment, media, and hospitality benefits.” The short-lived project was soon forgotten.

He also promoted Racksterli, a Ponzi scheme that allegedly defrauded users of $1 billion on YouTube, prompting backlash and arguments for a more responsible use of his star power.

Last month, social media was agog after Davido and Wizkid traded words online. Wizkid had triggered Davido by sharing an embarrassing video of Davido begging a lady for, presumably, sex.

He shared the video online while engaging with his fans who were pestering him to drop music, urging them to beg him as Davido did.

Replying to him, Davido called out Wizkid for being a sick man and accused him of being a woman beater.

He also pleaded with Wizkid to respond to him, and he did so by using the same embarrassing video, and Davido mercilessly dragged him.


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