Years After Being Branded A Witch, Abandoned & Left To Die Young Hope Represents His School in 100 Meters Race

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Little Hope is looking great, years after he was rescued by Danish aid worker Anja Ringgren Loven, in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria where the 2-year-old then was branded a witch by his family and left to starve to death. Today, he represents his school, looking healthy and happy.
The young boy in 2015 had wandered the streets for eight months when Danish aid worker, Anja got a phone call and immediately led a rescue team to bring him to the Children’s Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF) also known as ‘Land of Hope’ named after the boy.
Hope’s story went viral with this powerful image where Danish woman covered in Tattoo reduced and offered the boy some water to drink. In Nigeria and most African countries, people covered in heavy Tattoo are often branded, bad, lost or unholy.
Despite all the churches in the country, It took one Denish unbeliever to rescue an innocent child.
The first time Anja met Hope
Just recently, Anja shared some amazing pictures of Hope is representing his school in the 100 meters race. Excited Anja shared the beautiful pictures on Facebook and wrote:
“From being branded a witch, abandoned, rejected and stigmatized to representing his school in 100 meters race.
Today, Hope is taking part in his school’s Inter-House Sport Festival and of course he will be representing his team in the 100 meters race
See my little nugget he’s got swag


HOPE – 20015
HOPE – 2016
HOPE LATE – 2016
HOPE – 2017
HOPE – 2017

HOPE – 2018

Hope is one lucky child out of many branded a witch in Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria.


Photo credit: Anja Ringgren Lovén (Facebook)

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