“You Drink and Damage Your Liver,Then Ask Us To Fundraise For You To Repair – Eucharia Anunobi Warns People

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Eucharia Anunobi has demonstrated the implications of alcohol and insisted that boozers will not make heaven. Though she has no evident proof to botress her point of not making heaven when you take alcohol.

It became a big controversy that the actress who turned her back on morality in her career in the nollywood industry and has consistently been an erotic wildcard,suddenly started advising on making Heaven instead of making her point alone on the implications of alcohol.

The former actress cautioned those who drink excessively about the damage they are doing to themselves.

Speaking on Instagram, she told alcohol lovers that most of them damage their liver from excessive drinking, then when they are sick, they come online asking for freewill donations.

She went on to quote a part of the Bible as she warned that drunkards will not be allowed into the kingdom of God.

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