“You Were Chosen To Be An Opp,” Sophia Momodu Expresses Gratitude To Her Troll, Davido’s Fan, For Guiding Her Towards Her Destiny

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Sophia Momodu, a fashion connoisseur and the first baby mama of singer Davido, has appreciated one of his fans for pushing her into her destiny.

The mother of one had shared photos of her rocking a Hermes bag, which a fan of Davido alleged was fake. He had shared a doctored conversation with the social media handler of the designer bag and mocked the mother of one.

“Please what’s the name and amount of that bag she carries on that her new MID picture she just posted?
This is 2024, please Say No To Fake Outfits and Bags.
2024 and you still buying grade C fake Hermes from Aba Store”.

Taking to her social media page, Sophia appreciated the fan for pushing her into destiny, as she shared a video of herself in a Hermes store being gifted a Hermes bag.

She noted how the fan wanted to hurt her but instead liberated her, and she further noted how he was chosen to be a spiteful, hateful spirit.

Expressing gratitude to him, she disclosed that Hermes pulled a surprise on her and gifted her a bag. Sharing her lesson from it, Sophia stated that she has learned that he pushed her into her destiny and out of her comfort zone.

She added that she has learned that she has more power than she thought she had and that she is stronger than she thought she was.

“Good morning 🤭 I just wanna say thank you for that fake convo… you intended to hurt me instead you liberated me. Listen You were chosen to be a spiteful hateful spirit, I’m so grateful

Hermes said whooooo said that?!! Pull up on us Queen we got a surprise for you.

I learned things I couldn’t have learned any other way, pushed me into my destiny.. out of my comfort zone. I’ve learned that I have more power than I thought I had. I’m stronger than I thought I was. You were chosen to be an opp. Thank you for being the hater you’ve been in my life”.

This isn’t the first time Sophia has hinted back at Davido’s fan.

A few days back, Momodu slammed a fan of his over a video of Davido and his wife, Chioma, with their twins.

The fan of the singer trolled Sophia Momodu, stating that the mother of one must be fuming over it.

Sophia, who isn’t one to take trolling lightly, slammed him for still talking about her. She stated that after the singer had 10,000 women and 15,000 children, people would still be calling her name.

Africanglitz reported that Sophia reignited her co-parenting drama with Davido after she shared a screenshot of an emotional chat between her daughter and her grandmother, where she expressed heartbreak over her brother’s death and her father’s neglect, which had caused her profound sadness.

The drama between them has led to a fallout between Davido and his colleague and friend, Tiwa Sav@ge.

Tee Billz, Tiwa’s baby daddy, dragged the singer online for disrespecting them as he accused Davido of being a deadbeat father and vindicated Sophia Momodu.

Tiwa had even slammed Davido with a Threat to Life letter, alleging that on several occasions he had bullied her.

Sophia had also slammed him with a cease-and-desist letter, detailing an incident of online bullying and harassment.

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