Yul Edochie Admits To Originating Viral Slogan “No Gree For Anybody” Calling For Due Credit

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Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has laid claims to being the originator of the popular slang for the year, “No gree for anybody.”.

In a post via his Instagram page, the actor revealed that people have been telling him that he was the one who started the slogan.

He explained further that a post he made on December 29, 2023, on Instagram and Facebook, which went viral, brought about the slogan.

Yul stated that he investigated the matter and believes he started the slogan; hence, he is demanding credit for being the originator of the popular slogan.

“People have been telling me that it was Yul Edochie who started the slogan ‘NO GREE FOR ANYBODY’.

They said it came from a post I made on the 29th of December, 2023 on Instagram and Facebook, and from there it went viral.

I have investigated the matter.

E be like na true oo.

So make una dey give me my credit oo”.

A week ago, Yul made a new revelation about himself, describing himself as an abnormal human being. Explaining further, he said he had been designed by God Almighty to shake the world for his divine purpose.



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For the doubting Thomas, he told them to go spiritual and ask questions while adding that anyone who comes at him with darkness will get blinded by his light.

He added that his journey has just begun and that he is God’s special soldier.

The failed presidential aspirant had shared a word of wisdom on how to deal with trolling on social media.

The actor, who has been mercilessly dragged on the internet following his marital scandal, stated that one should stop allowing people’s hate comments to get to them, as he pointed out how hate comments don’t mean anything and how most of the trolls have problems they are yet to fix.

Questioning how they can allow themselves to be bothered by such comments, he ended his post by letting them know they aren’t ready for life, as he advised them to be real and focused.

Early this year, Yul shared a message on the importance of blocking anyone who affects one’s mental health.

The movie star admitted that blocking people is sweet, explaining that he can be friends with the people he blocked in real life, but that doesn’t mean they must be friends on social media.

Revealing why he blocks people, he further added that one of the sweetest parts about blocking people is that you don’t remember they exist anymore.

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