Yul Edochie And Judy Autin Romance, A Case Of Cheating Gone Wrong?

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    Just when we thought we had seen and heard it all, the ongoing legal battle between popular Nollywood actor Yul Edochie and his estranged wife, May Edochie, has taken a more dramatic twist. We daresay it’s even more comical following reports that Yul and his self-styled second wife, Judy Austin, denied being married in court.

    According to the lawyer representing Queen May in the divorce proceeding, since the beautiful and elegant mother-of-3 found out about Judy Austin, she has been hell-bent on not sharing her marriage with other women. However, the Nollywood movie star has been contesting May’s attempt to dissolve their marriage, even to the point of begging her behind closed doors. In a leaked chat between the estranged couple, the Nollywood actor confessed that he doesn’t love Judy nor wants to be with her. And now, the 42-year-old father-of-5 has described his relationship with Judy as skit-making and her as his skit-making partner, even though they have two children together and a third child reportedly on the way.

    Is this a bad case of cheating gone wrong? Why won’t May Edochie let the movie star eat his cake and have it? Well, you sit back as we give you the whole updated gist.

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    Not too long ago, this interview of Yul Edochie from way back went viral on the internet. The handsome Nollywood star talked about all the attention he has been getting from women since he gained prominence in the industry. But because he knows where he is coming from, the actor best known for his role in Moms at War said he tries not to break or sabotage the good marriage he had. Yul happily narrated how he was married to a good woman, and when he met her in 1998 and got married in 2004, he was not only a nobody but also had nothing. But May stuck with him and was his number-one helper until he eventually found fame.

    This explains why the movie star has always celebrated May as if she were the oxygen he breathes. For every anniversary, birthday, and big occasion, the actor would shower the wife of his youth with praise. The estranged couple have also been captured multiple times spending quality time outside their home like newlyweds. But along the way, it looks like Yul let fame get into his head and assumed that life is a movie where one can eat their cake and have it as a traditional Nigerian man. This wrong mentality would lead to one wrong move that would cost Yul the best thing to happen to him, his wife and his beautiful family.

    Oh. There is no need to refresh your memory. We bet you all remember how the movie star impregnated his colleague, paid her bride price, and began to brag that he is a polygamist on social media. We also don’t need to remind you that his first wife fell into a great depression, and when she returned, many begged her to sue Yul and Judy for Bigamy. But instead, May filed for divorce based on adultery on the part of Yul. Many people called the fast-rising entrepreneur names for being slow at the time. Some even asked why she was still bearing Yul’s surname. But almost two years later, her legal team, led by Emeka Ugwuonye of Due Process Advocates (DPA Organisation), revealed why Queen May had been taking it easy with Yul despite all that he had put her through.

    The lawyer said he wanted to file for bigamy when May brought the case to him. But the beautiful mother-of-3 refused to allow him to proceed when she realized that Yul might be arrested, prosecuted and possibly sent to jail.spite what Yul did to her, she didn’t want him arreste “Each time bigamy was mentioned, she would ask: “Will they arrest him?” And we would say: “Most likely yes.” She would refuse to approve it. You can understand that. Ded,” the Lawyer explained.

    As such, the only option left was for the fast-rising influencer to file for divorce and to sue Judy for adultery damages. Even then, May was hesitant to pursue this action until a bigger tragedy took their first child, Kambilichukwu, in March of 2023. The lawyer explained that when May 1 discovered Yul and Judy’s relationship, she stopped being intimate with the actor. But Yul was so eager to be intimate with her because that would be a sign that she had accepted his new polygamous lifestyle. May’s refusal frustrated Yul’s polygamy dream because, for someone with his size and level of ego, he expected a smooth transition from monogamy to polygamy.

    So, while May was grieving their son, he saw it as an opportunity to be intimate with her again since she was vulnerable. However, when the grieving mother was more hesitant, Yul became aggressive and started issuing threats. This forced May to seek the protection of the law, which was when she filed for divorce, got the restraining order, and kicked him out of their Ajah mansion. “May filed a petition to dissolve her marriage because that was the only way she could protect herself from Yul’s aggression and protect her children from Judy’s machinations. May is a very careful, patient and thorough person. She only moves when it is necessary to move. You need to respect her for that,” the lawyer explained.

    Because the entrepreneur didn’t sue Yul for bigamy, May is only seeking divorce on the grounds of adultery and damages to be paid by the unfaithful partner. That is Yul.

    Shockingly, despite May’s effort to protect Yul in the ongoing legal battle, he has been painting her as the bad one on social media. The lawyer revealed that the movie star has been paying bloggers to spread false rumours about May. Also, the ongoing case at the FCT High Court in Abuja, which was scheduled for a hearing on March 5 2024, suffered an unexpected setback when the court session did not proceed. However, Yul and Judy have been claiming credit for the setback. The Isimili Couple have also been giving the notion that they are happily married and in love and are not bothered by the ongoing legal battle.

    Meanwhile, the lawyer revealed that the Isimili couple have denied being married, insisting that they are only skitmakers. He added that May’s petition mentioned a traditional marriage ceremony between Yul and Judy on April 24, 2022, in Anambra State. But Yul refuted the claim and accused Gistlover of spreading fake information for financial gain.

    The lawyer then begged everyone to stop calling Judy and Yul husband and wife because they are only skitmakers of babies. Barrister Emeka Ugwuonye said they plan to defend themselves in court by comparing themselves to Oga Sabinus, and on a lighter note, he thinks everyone should blame Oga Sabinus. Why, he convinced many Nigerians that skitmaking is an easy job, and Yul dabbled into skitmaking with his D*** pointing out. Now, the skits have produced two children, Star and his sisters, and they are about to add a third to the mix.

    Further dragging the Isimili couple ahead of their day in court, May Edochie’s lawyer has questioned their intelligence. First, the lawyer explained that the couple thought attacking May would favour them, but it quickly backfired. “They thought that attacking May would help them in any way. But an intelligent person would have known that May is the underdog in this fight. She was the one who was wronged. She is the victim of Yul and Judy. Attacking the victim is always a mistake. It eventually backfires. It will cause all the neutral people to move to the side of the victim. It has happened here. May now has more followers on social media than Yul. That means that May is now valued much higher than Yul as a brand ambassador. A movie producer will now pay May more to cast her in his movie than he will pay Yul and Judy combined, and this is what is giving Yul and Judy sleepless nights. Yul did not see that coming because he is not smart enough,” he explained.

    The lawyer also highlighted that Yul blamed the elegant CEO Extraordinaire for all his trouble. Because had she accepted polygamy, nothing would have gone sideways. The movie star stated his problem began when he started spending more time with another man’s wife six years ago without considering his wife’s feelings.

    Also, the lawyer said that if the Isimili couple were intelligent, they would never have used skit-making to explain their relationship, especially since they now have two children between them. Further, the lawyer called Yul the biggest loser in this case, not Judy and certainly not May.

    “Yul began to demand on social media for the return of bride price and dropping of name. So dumb! He was trying to pretend that he, too, wants divorce. But if so, why didn’t he file a Cross-Petition? When your wife sues you for divorce, and you also want the divorce, what you do is file a Cross-Petition. But Yul never wants any divorce. What Yul wants is polygamy, not divorce. He wants May to remain his wife as the First Wife. The only people that want this divorce is May (in order to avoid polygamy and protect her children) and Judy (in order to have May out of the way). But Yul is not intelligent enough to know this,” he explained.

    To sum it up, May’s lawyer said she has nothing further to prove because Yul and Judy have admitted to having a child together, hence admitting that they committed adultery.

    It is one thing for May Edochie to break her silence, and it’s another for the legal representatives of the national sweetheart to drag her husband. So far, it has been getting the beautiful mother-of-3 points in the court of public opinion. But the Isimili couple is trying to act like they are not pained. Shortly after May’s lawyer started dragging Yul, the Nollywood actor shared the video of Judy hailing him, and in the caption, he wrote, “If your woman does not hail you like this, don’t gree for her.”

    This only gave May’s lawyer the “ginger” to continue dragging him. But this time, the lawyer shared screenshots of Yul Edochie begging May after cheating on her with Judy Austin. In the leaked conversation, the movie star confessed to May that he had been dating Judy for five years and tried to leave her on several occasions but was unsuccessful. In the message, Yul added that he greatly loved May Edochie and begged her not to leave him. The actor also said that he never planned to break his home or replace his first wife with Judy because he loves May so much and wouldn’t know what would become of his life if she left him.

    With all the evidence at hand, the lawyer advised that the best thing Yul can do at the moment is to shut up because the more skits he makes, the more he puts himself into trouble. The lawyer argued that the actor’s greatest mistake was making the dramatic announcement that he is a polygamist and then introduced Judy as his second wife. Second, he pretends that he is madly in love with Judy and that they are living a loving and happy life when, in reality, he sees their relationship as skit-making. Another instance where he made a mistake is hiring people to defame May, tarnish her image, and spread false rumours that she did something wrong, which pushed him into the arms of Judy. The lawyer said that Yul knows May is the best thing that has ever happened to him, and without her in his life, we can all see that he is a complete disaster. As we all know, Sir Pete Edochie is a witness to this.

    As you can imagine, the wild revelations from May Edochie’s legal team have social media erupting like fireworks. Not surprisingly, the court of public opinion is still in support of May.

    Reacting, popular Podcaster Daddy Freeze mocked the Isimili couple.” Some creators are into content production; these ones are into content reproduction,” he wrote.

    Rita Edochie also mocked them, “Firstly, I was picked from the streets, and today, I am a skit maker by marriage. Chai! God, what have I done to myself.”

    One Instagram user wrote, “Okonkwo, the Idiomatic teacher. Your son don go carry married women oh!! What advice will you give to us again? Yul has truly failed his family.”‘Wow! No more hiding him since he wants to prove to the public that he found so called fake love with Delilah Judy.”

    What do you think about the ongoing legal battle between the National Sweetheart and her estranged husband Yul Edochie? 

    Do you think it’s a case of cheating gone wrong from Yul’s side? 

    Do you agree with May’s lawyer that she has already won the case based on Yul and Judy’s admissions, including making babies? Or do you think the Isimili couple will win because they claim to be skitmakers? 

    Finally, would you say May’s lawyer made a good call defending her in the court of public opinion?

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