Yul Edochie Raises Eyebrows With A Cryptic Post He Made Following Marital Drama With Ex-Wife May Edochie

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Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has raised an eyebrow with the cryptic post he made on his Instagram page hours ago.

The failed presidential aspirant who celebrated his birthday days back left a cryptic message on his timeline about timing. The actor stated that the time has come without sharing more details.

“The Time Has Come”, he wrote.

Taking to his comment section, many pondered whether the father of five is planning to spill the teas about his marital drama with his estranged wife, May Edochie.

One Yusuf Akeem wrote, “Yes oh! The Time has really come for you to finally disgrace ur entire existence, wow what a time

One Chidi Williams wrote, “You mean after celebrating your birthday yesterday, the time has come to have sense. I thank God oo

One Ada Okafoe wrote, “No matter what we no go support you

One Mma Sinachi wrote, ‘Yul and always trying to be the center of attention. Go and rest, babe!! You’re too old for this

One Amaka Nwankwo wrote, “Go back to your bottle abeg, time never come

One Ify Immacle wrote, “With evidence or remain silence

One Jerry Crown Official wrote, “You mean the time to send your bag of garri you called second wife away

One Zillah wrote, “Make sure you don’t close the comment section”.

Africanglitz reported on Tuesday that Yul started the New Year with violence as he publicly dragged his estranged wife, countering her post claiming 2023 was her toughest year.

Yul revealed that May had breast enlargement surgery and a tummy tuck last year while pretending to mourn her son, and she did it without his consent and with the endorsement of her married boyfriend.

Yul further dragged her for manipulating the public to bring him down, as he pledged that 2024 would mark the end of his silence.

In a follow-up post, Yul told May to stop with the manipulation as he had had enough and threw more light on her alleged breast enlargement.

In a surprising twist of fate, Yul promised to lay off dragging her because of their children, stating that though there’s so much he has to say, he will stop for now because of his children.

He avowed that just because men don’t talk, that doesn’t mean they should keep quiet and die. According to Yul, they planned to kill him, but God wouldn’t allow them to.

We wonder if the actor changed his mind and has decided to spill tea.

Recall that on New Year, May poured out her emotions about the transition from 2023 to the new year, 2024, sharing how the past year had been a challenging ride for her, describing it as a series of catastrophic events that left her sad.

May spoke on the adversities and misfortunes she faced in 2023, expressing that the worst blow was the tragic loss of her flesh and blood.

Despite dealing with despair, she admitted that she almost gave up but found strength in her faith and learned not to question God’s will.

Her statement contradicted Yul’s own, who described the past year as the best, filled with achievements and grace from God.

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