Zubby Michael Confronts By Angela Okorie & Others For Attending Junior Pope’s Funeral/Evil Intention

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Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has continued her outspoken criticism of fellow actor Zubby Michael.

In a recent Instagram story, she accused Zubby Michael of attending the funeral of the late actor Junior Pope not out of genuine affection or respect but for propaganda purposes.

Angela asserted that his attendance was motivated by the backlash he received from her prior accusations rather than true mourning.

She also criticized his choice of attire at the funeral, noting that he wore red, which she implied was inappropriate and likened to attire for an occult meeting.

Angela’s remarks reflect her ongoing disdain for Zubby Michael, whom she has repeatedly labeled as a bad friend and malevolent individual.

In her message, Angela also offered a poignant reflection on life and death, suggesting that once a person dies, they are quickly forgotten, underscoring the importance of cherishing the moments shared with loved ones while they are alive.

She expressed deep sorrow over Junior Pope’s death and thanked him for the cherished memories they created together.

Angela wrote: This world self

Zubby no go that burial because he too love Jumior pop o, Na Propaganda he Dey do

Cos I don dr gam pass I pass my Nabour generator, Ni wear red go burial like say na ogwuego meeting he Dey go.

Anything you do in this life

No de o, refuse to de o

It’s unfortunate am in America Cos na film people for watch


Abi Red na burial color?

Chail JP. Nwannem

Thank you for all the beautiful memories you shared with us, You will never be forgotten.

Go well Nwannem.”

Man Condemns Zubby Michael’s Outfit At Junior Pope’s Funeral

Recall that one Facebook user, Ossai Ovie Success, took to his page to complain about Zubby Michael’s choice of clothing at the burial ceremony. The actor wore a simple red T-shirt with brown chinos trousers.

According to the netizen, the Nollywood star’s red shirt was not appropriate for the occasion, and it was annoying as well as disrespectful to the dead.

Not stopping there, the Facebook user said that the burial was a time for sober reflection and not a party ground. See a screenshot of the post below:

Queen Wokoma dragged over her dress at the Junior Pope’s funeral

In other similar news, it was reported that Nollywood actress Queen Wokoma attended J.N. Pope’s burial to pay him her last respects.

She wore a short black dress with see-through black leggings, high-heeled shoes, and a black blazer jacket.

Wokoma also wore dark sunshades and accessorized with a silver necklace and earrings.

Zubby Michael Confronted By Angela Okorie & Others For Attending Junior Pope’s Funeral/Evil Intention

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