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    It can be difficult to articulate the power of style and fashion through words,  but with great inspiration from the greatest fashion designers to legendary models and stylists, we managed to do so with a worthy quote. We would solely agree that “fashion is an instant language”  being a fashion designer is a lot of hard work, and most of them had worked so hard over the years. In other to be irreplaceable, Fashion designers must always be different, see what lies ahead in future and be able to create iconic fashion styles in other to be credited relevant.
    Are you into fashion or do you like your fashion? Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at  the top 10 Nigerian fashion designers you need to know;

    TOP 10



     1. Duro Olowu

    Loved by formal US First lady Michelle Obama. Nigerian born British fashion designer, Duru Olowu launched his amazing fashion label in 2004. His aesthetic has remained incredibly consistent. He is popularly known for his use of colour and patterns which is highly influenced by his 1970s upbringing.

    His most recent assortments offer wavy shapes and brilliant exquisite designs. And his creativity extends ladies garments, skirts, tops, coats, scarves, pants and capes.

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    2. Deola Sagoe

    Deola Sagoe – Photo (Instagram @deolasagoeofficial

    Deola Sagoe is an haute couture fashion designer from Ondo State, Nigeria. She often makes dresses for ‘The one per cent of the one per cent’ rich Africans. Deola’s kin utilization of African prints in rich and versatile colours have crowned her the most loved designer in her field. Even world celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith can attest to her magic. She has additionally gotten the MNET and Anglo Gold African Designs 2000 honours. She magically modifies her models to the necessities of each customer.

    Deola makes inconceivably wonderful office and party dresses. She is especially cherished for her ribbon dresses and ribbon skirts.

    3. Folake Folarin–Coker

     Folake Folarin–Coker is the inventive executive of Tiffany Amber. Her creation pieces exhibit faultless taste and striking hues. Folake is viewed as the principal African style creator to give her manifestations at the New York Mercedes Fashion Week two years straight.

     She is likewise mainstream with International media houses such as CNN. In 2013, she was picked for the Enterprise Award at WIE Symposium. In addition, she is on the Forbes Power Women in Africa list.

     Folake styles include prepared-to-wear attire, high fashion pieces, gems, calfskin products and extras.

    4. Mudi Africa

    With over 25 years in the Fashion industry, Lenient Mudiaga Enajemo otherwise known as Mudi Africa is one of the most popular style creators in Africa. The design house has become Africa’s top male clothing brand and has branches in Ghana, Senegal, Nairobi and Johannesburg in South Africa. His manifestations are additionally refreshing outside Africa.

    His one of a kind weaved kaftans merit some extraordinary consideration. Being fairly basic in development, they make any man look striking and refined. The originator likewise makes present-day pants and smart shirts.

    5. Lisa Folawiyo

    Lisa Folawiyo, age 44 is best known for incorporating traditional West African textiles with modern tailoring techniques with an emphasis on beading and sequin trim.
    Also known as the inventive executive of the Jewel by Lisa line. Lisa astonishingly patches up Ankara wax prints adding an enchantment new measurement to them.

    She is also known to be an independent architect who has advanced toward the top by making modern cosmopolitan styles. Notwithstanding textures, she additionally designs mini bags, exquisite gems, and much more.

    Her dresses and Ankara skirts exhibit the creator’s one of a kind lovely styles.

     6. Zizi Cardow

    Zizi Cardow is an incredible all-around fashion designer. She has won various honours for her capable manifestations mirroring the style and soul of Nigeria.

    Zizi got popular after superstars such as Susan Peters and Eucharia Anunobi began flaunting her designs on the red carpet.

    The designer offers coquettish clothing produced using a blend of Ankara and lace fabric. Her different styles include: remarkable corporate, formal garments for women, easygoing garments for women, trendy conventional clothing types for men, Rich flared pants, transparent bow pullovers, provocative short dresses,  bridle tops palazzo pants,  free coordinating sets,  kaftan styled with shorts. All unbelievably well known.

     7. Ohimai Atafo

    Ohimai Atafo is a profoundly refreshing Nigerian male designer whose desire is to uncover the African man’s uniqueness and charisma. Ohimai is now and again called the hottest male architect.

     His outfits are cherished for their neat and tidy tastefulness and present-day patching up of great attire structures.

     8. Frank Oshodi

    Frank Oshodi is one of the most sought after fashion designers from Nigeria. He started his carrier by previously entering the universe of style as a model. He also took in TV plugs and was engaged with movement. At long last, he set up his line of garments, the House of Bunor and Fashion planning.

    He is one of the most regarded and cherished originators in Nigeria. His outfits are exemplary and current, slick and adaptable, creative and stylish. Frank Oshodi is known for his: exciting honorary pathway dresses,  awesome suit pieces for men what’s more, ladies.  Wedding line merits your exceptional consideration with its ravishing marriage outfits,  bridesmaids dresses, the man of the hour and grooms men’s suits,  petticoats and cravats.

     9. Ade Bakare

    Ade Bakare is a notable Nigerian Fashion architect who has been making refined pieces of clothing for more than twenty years.

    He styles incorporate flawless outfits for women just as wedding outfits. He also has a shirts line and ascent line. The honourable winning planner has his own section “Camera Obscura” in Le Vogue.

     10. Yemi Osunkoya

     Award-winning fashion designer, Yemi Osunkoya is the magician behind Kosibah Label, the iconic brand was established in London in 1991 and was named in honour of his mother. Osunkoya is behind the popular Kosibah bridal outfits worth thousands of pounds which has earned him the phrase, ‘King of Bridal Couture’. He has been in style for more than 20 years and is nicknamed, King Of Bridal Couture.

    His customers incorporate Miss World, Agbani Darego, Stephanie Benson, Hollywood star, Indra Ove, to name a few. His honours are likewise various: International Designer of the Year, City People, Excellence Award, Gathering of Africa’s Best, Diamond Recognition from National Weddings UK, Bridal Designer of the Year, Mahogany Bridal Awards, and again the list goes on.

    Yemi Osunkoya & His beautiful wife

    Have you heard about all these designers?

    Which of the names above would you like to rock their creation?

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