11 Sins Ooni Of Ife Was Accused Of Committing After His Was Disgraced By His 3rd Wife Olori Naomi

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Since Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi 3rd wife, Olori Naomi, publicly announced that she is no longer married to the monarch and is moving on with her life, several allegations have been working against the popular King of Ile Ife.

Ooni has been known in the past to divorce at least two of his official wives, but this time, shall we say the ball wasn’t in his court? Oh yes, the king reportedly wasn’t aware of the divorce and was in Lagos for an event at the time when his wife dropped the Bombshell news on December 23rd 2021, on her Instagram page. The Ooni reportedly found out his wife is divorcing him on social media just like the rest of us. To add salt to injury, so many allegations have been flying around as to why his 3rd official wife divorced him. You must have heard some of them, including the ridiculous ones.

No wonder his friend Charlie Boy decided to troll him about being dumped on social media, questioning how come two of his wives divorced him within two months and ran away from the Kindom without notice, saying that truly, all that glitters is not gold in the household of a fine boy like the Ooni. So what could make a woman publicly divorce her royal husband on social media just like that regardless of the shame and consequences? #OoniOfIfe #OoniOfOfeOlori #OloriNaomi #Olori

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