16 Zimbabwean Yummy Dishes that will Instantly Leave Your Mouth Watering!

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Would you agree African dishes are not recognized in the developed world as much as we wish? It is our job as Africans to create more awareness about our style of cooking and our various traditional cuisine. Researching, we came across Ivy’s kitchenette  by Ivy Mango, a UK based Zimbabwean food blogger who is making enticing online magic with her amazing dishes. Here are 16 well presented, delicious and mouth watering dishes that will leave you hungry after viewing.

Ivy Mango is a fashionista, an author of a cook book by the name, ‘Ivy’s Kitchenette (Think it, Cook it, Love it).

Ivy Mango (Food Blogger & Author)

Mrs Mango who is very passionate about food, both African and Western foods has won several awards over the years from her delicious looking dishes.

She said. “I love turning traditional foods into unique modern dishes . I aim to recreate unique dishes using different ingredients especially those that I grew up enjoying in my childhood years. My desire is to see Zimbabwean food being recognised and being embraced. I desire to see families making and enjoying home cooked food which is one of the reasons why most of my recipes are easy”.

To see more amazing pictures or simply find out more about Ivys goodies visit:

Ivy’s Kitchenette on Facebook A Taste of Zimbabwe on Instagram

Photo credit: Ivy’s Kitchenette

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