3 London Ladies, Yvonne Hays, Christiana Uzoukwu & Judith Okwuba Proudly presents ‘HEELS & LENS’

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‘When three creative and ambitious ladies come together for the love and passion for the arts, their ‘Heels & Lens’ get to work. London ladies, Yvonne Hays, Christiana Uzoukwu and Judith Okwuba are producers/executive producers who joined forces to capture their vision from script to screen.
‘It has been an eye opener and totally fulfilling’. Said actress Yvonne Hays.
‘From a small beginning and first attempt, our first baby is born! ‘HEELS & LENS’ is proud to present our first production ‘THEREAFTER’. She added.
The super girls-team are also excited and thankful that another of their short film ‘Thereafter’ has been selected to be screened at the Zimbabwe International Film Festival and Cape Town International Film Market Festival in South Africa. The short film was also selected as a semi-finalist at the Sydney Indie Film Festival. These recognitions are rewarding for the team, especially as first time producers.
These recognitions are rewarding for the team, especially as first time producers.

About ‘ ‘HEELS & LENS’

When it comes to emotional trauma can there ever truly be closure?
In this compelling short drama, 4 women embark on different paths towards healing after devastating betrayal by a pivotal figure in each of their lives.
June’s success as a motivational speaker masks her inner turmoil. Her mantra is ’embrace your power’. She wants to forget her past but how can she forget when she can’t forgive?
Layla’s life has been a direct reflection of her early emotional upheaval, a downward spiral as she is passed from abuser to abuser. She finally has a moment of clarity – in order to build a future she has to recover the sense of self-worth she lost.
Amanda and Bukky grew up as close as sisters till a dark secret pushed them apart. Now Amanda has returned after a self-imposed exile to try and reconnect. When the secret is so devastating, can it bring them closer or break their bond beyond repair?
On this eventful day, these 4 women’s lives intersect as they attempt to overcome the demons of their pasts.

Main Cast:

Weruche Opia
Yvonne Hays
Christianah Uzoukwu
Lola May
Mofe Duncan
Prince Shoyelu

Supporting cast:

Yvette Twagiramariya
Essay Kidane
Geraldine Vaughan
Sara Nurilden Ahmed
Fisayo Odubanjo
Nyasha Mutsonziwa


Yinka Idowu

Screenplay writer:

Abbey Idowu


Akpe Ododoru

Behind the scenes photos & videos:

Gbenga Afolabi

Producers/Exec Producers (Heels & Lens):

Yvonne Hays
Christianah Uzoukwu
Judith Okwuba
Behind the scenes video:

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