5 Nigerians Who Became Rich & Famous By Accident?

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According to statistics, the chances of an average person becoming famous is about 0.000086 per cent! Should one be born into rich and famous families, their chances increase, but they only become slimmer should one be born with a plastic spoon.

Interestingly, some people with very slim chances have successfully beaten all odds to become famous overnight in the black most populous nation and beyond. In the last six years, Nigerians have watched a lucky few people move from grass to grace, crossing absolutely no hurdle to become stars in the blink of an eye, simply because they were at the right place at the right time.

These people who once led ordinary lives were catapulted into the world of fame after being discovered on the street for their raw talent, and in some cases, after meeting with the right person by sheer luck. Who says dreams do not come true?

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