‘A Lot Of Nigerian Celebrities Do The Same Thing D’banj Is Accused Of’ Oge Nsimah Shakes Table

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Relator and social media commentator Oge Nsimah has reacted to the arrest of popular Afrobeat singer, Dbanj. Expressing her views, Oge said

‘The level of hypocrisy we are dealing in this country is too much. What happened to DBanji is the reason why your favourite celebrities don’t criticise politicians openly.

A lot of them are being used to symphony public funds.
This is why they are only good at Posting expensive cars, flashy houses, and beautiful pictures or lingeries. Champagne Darling.

But, When it is time to defend morals, good governance and anything that will empower the masses, they are nowhere to be found.

YOUR FAVES are celebrity fraudsters!!

You hardly see them stand up boldly to condemn corrupt politicians and government officials because they are all into the same shady deals.
Na we the mass be the mumu.

A handful of them does the same thing Dbanji is accused of.
There are many legit, smart and intelligent ways to make good money and enjoy it.
We can not accuse politicians of looting the country dry while we made ourselves available as a channel to cover up their loot.

Oge Nsimah

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