A Nigerian Senator Resigns After A Sex Tape Of Him Circulates?

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    It is universally acknowledged that Nigeria is a place where people get away with all sorts of crimes. 

    A well-known criminal can even contest for the post of Governorship, and end up winning it.  A country where the judiciary has evidence to prosecute someone but chooses to look the other way, is obviously a country where things are not going well.

    The EFCC for instance has been on the case of a certain Mr. Patrick Nwokike of “Let’s Partner With You Ltd,” for over 3 years. The people who invested money in his company are dying of heartbreak, especially when the evidence is there. The continuous adjournment of the case keeps annoying people.

    Some Nigerian politicians have, over time, been involved in some activities that should make them take that honourable step of resigning, but it’s the last thing you’ll hear.

    “A Nigerian Senator resigns after a sex tape of him circulates,” will probably, never be in the news.

    It is a case of “impossibility.”

    But recently, a Brazilian bishop resigned less than a week after a video spread on social media that featured someone, purported to be him, masturbating.

    Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Bishop Tomé Ferreira da Silva, who oversaw a diocese in Sao Paulo state, Sao Jose do Rio Preto. At age 60, Ferreira is 15 years shy of the normal retirement age for bishops. Since 2015, he had reportedly been investigated by the Vatican for other accusations, including allegedly ignoring reports of sexual abuse in his diocese.

    In some foreign nations, Politicians resign, after being caught in dishonourable acts. Why is it so hard for us to emulate?

    When people in high authority cannot be held accountable for misconduct, then it’s as good as saying “don’t expect something good here.”

    This is one of the reasons Nigeria is disorganized.

    Written by: Edward Amah

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