ABN TV Launches Brand New Music Show ‘Afrobeats Choice’, Presented by Dj Abrantee!

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With a cluster of platforms competing for our time, it is healthy to see the launch of the new weekly TV Show Afrobeats Choice, commissioned by ABN TV to be anchored and presented by UK’s most popular Afrobeats pioneer, Abrantee.
The show will launch today, Saturday, 5th August on Sky Channel 235 and will be the newest TV Entertainment platform that will showcase the hottest music videos and exciting interviews by the biggest Afobeats stars, provide exclusive behind the scenes footage including multiple ticket giveaways for some of the biggest Afrobeats concerts around the globe from the burgeoning genre!
With the emphasis on high digital and quality content, ABN TV and Abranteecould potentially reach over 3 million African-Caribbeans homes in the UK which will inevitably add to the significant growth and phenomenal development of the Afrobeats Music Genre in the UK and beyond.

Tune into ABN TV Sky Channel 235 on Saturday, August 5, from 4:30pm, with repeats every Wednesday 4:30pm
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