Actress Angela Okorie Stirs Frenzy As She Makes Deeply Shocking Accusations Against Zubby Michael 

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Famous Nigerian actress Angela Okorie shocked the internet community with her accusations against fellow actor Zubby Michael on social media.

The superstar actress unleashed a plethora of complaints directed at particular colleagues whose behaviour has upset her.

She began by calling out names, and at the top of her list was Zubby Michael, whom she accused of leveraging his fame and wealth to oppress and perpetrate violence against people below him.

Angela Okorie also alleged his involvement in witchcraft practices while recalling and expressing dismay over a past incident where he publicly criticized her on Instagram regarding her decisions in her music career.

According to her, she’s not just financially but also in every other aspect wealthier than Zubby, and she accused him of being part of a clique in the industry scheming against her.

With no holds barred, she reiterated her decision to cut off ties with most of her colleagues on social media due to their perceived animosity and backstabbing ways.

The movie star also alleged that some of her colleagues pay trolls to hurl insults at her on her social media pages. She emphasized her determination to publicly name and shame any of her peers who dare to invite trouble her way in the future.

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