Actress Anita Joseph Reveals What it Means When Your Partner Fail to Call You Everyday

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Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has taken to social media to school her followers on the importance of communication in relationship and how it shows if someone is valued or not.

On Wednesday, May 27, 2020, actress Anita Joseph took to social media to say that people in relationship should strive to keep the line of communication with their other half open at all time.

She made this known via her Instagram page where she noted the subtle difference between people who call their loved ones only on their free time and the set who carve out time to speak with those close to their heart.

Anita Joseph and husband Michael Fisayo

According to the voluptuous movie star, people who truly love you will always find time to talk to you as no one is ever too busy to talk to the one they love.

She went on to state bluntly that people who doesn’t hear from their partners on a daily basis may not be in love like they claim to be.

In her own words, “Some people talk to you in their free Time. Some others free their Time to talk to you. LEARN the DIFFERENCE! No one is ever too busy for the ones they LOVE. If your bae does not talk to you every day, then you two ain’t In love!! I hope this met you well, but if it didn’t soweeiiiii.”

Anita Joseph recently became the talk of the town in February this year following her wedding with husband, Michl Fisayo. The beautiful actress has been in two established relationships prior to tying the knot with her current partner who is popularly known as MC Fish in the entertainment industry.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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