Adetutu a Model with Tribal Marks has Caught the Attention of Rihanna, BBC & the rest of the World

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Adetutu is a Nigerian model she launched an online campaign to get pop star and Fenty Beauty founder, Rihanna’s attention in hopes of landing a campaign with Fenty Beauty with her facial tribal marks.

Facial tribal mark is a popular culture in some African countries including Nigeria. The tradition doubt to beauty is a painful act done to mostly children just a few days after being born, they grow up to leave with it.

The tweet campaign went viral, the model who comes from Eruwa in Ondo state, Nigeria did not only grabbed the attention of the internet but of Rihanna herself, BBC among others.

Fenty beauty is a brand which consistently preaches body positivity and embracing one’s differences. Just a day after, the model got the surprise of her life after Rihanna herself followed her on Instagram.

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line is known for preaching inclusivity and self-love. Since launching her 40-shade foundation range, Rihanna and her brand has won the hearts of beauty lovers across the globe.

Below is BBC short documentary about Adetutu

No doubt the road looks smooth for Adetutu we hope her dreams come through soon and she gets to educate the world with her pain.

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