Afrakan Storytelling Festival 2018 – Join the 4-day camp to celebrate, promote & preserve the art of the oral tradition of storytelling

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Nne Agwu (Mother of Wisdom/healing), 2018 will be the 7th annual storytelling festival produced by Shanti-Chi.

Inviting exclusively Indigenous African / African Caribbean heritage people and families to join us on a 4-day camp to celebrate, promote and preserve the art of the oral tradition of storytelling. This year we honour of Buchi Emecheta the GodMother of Igbo literature. Bring the stories you know she has written and share with us. Help us create a little bit of home here on the English landcape making this a very special occassion.

Over the years and evolution of the Storytelling Festival, the aim has remained constant; to create a space in nature where we can come to share, learn about and create our heritage and culture using the oral traditions. Griot Chinyere’s vision is for the Diaspora community to gather outdoors, as we do back home, to celebrate, preserve and promote our culture through the storytelling artform. We are delighted to bring the finest artists, workshop leaders and craftspeople to share their talents and knowledge with the community and hope to keep doing so with continued support, locally and globally.

Throughout the year Shanti-Chi presents various other programmes and events, including monthly rambles, seasonal camping trips to some of Britain’s most stunning areas, The Griot Way, an in-depth study of Storytelling providing personal and professional benefits and numerous expedition related workshops like fire building and foraging.

From 2pm FRIDAY 27th – 2pm MONDAY 30th JULY 2018. 

Come and Experience Storytelling culture at its finest!!!

Each year the organisation grow in size and diversity, we bring you some of the countries finest storytellers. A fantastic weekend for all the family. Enjoy the arts and crafts market, well-being space and delicious fresh foods.

There will be yoga at dawn and a communal fire under the stars at night. With walks through the forest and storytelling performances, workshops and discussions, this is the perfect retreat to relax amongst nature and reinvigorate oneself.

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