‘Always Take Time To X-ray, Men, Especially As a Public Figure or If Financially Stable’ Oge Nsimah Tells Women After Empress Njamah Blackmail

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‘So I just watched this video where Actress Empress Njamah tearfully narrated a heartbreaking ordeal she passed through at the hand of a supposed boy who now wants to blackmail her nude for $450k.

Actress Empress Njamah gave her good heart, her love, her house and also her social media accounts access
to a guy who only came with a cucumber and a British accent.

This is called being DICKMATIZATION.
Sis, please don’t get dickmatized; take care of yourself.
This is like a serious flu infection, our ladies.
This mostly happens when the sex is good or when ladies are in desperate need to have a man.
they become madly in love, forget themselves, and start giving premium husband benefits to ordinary boyfriends.

Please sis, stay sanely in love and be in control of your life until you say I do,

Before God, the law and your family members.
It’s more digestible to hear this kind of submission story from married people than from a boyfriend and girlfriend story that is not even up to six months old.

Always take time to x-ray these men, especially if you are a public figure or you are financially stable. Yes, be cautious of it. It’s not pride
you have a lot at stake, don’t let yourself be used as a tool for a social climber with a British accent.

We agreed that PEOPLE ARE NOT WHO THE SAY THEY ARE…so why do we still fall for words?

Please stop rating people by what they say. Start looking for evidence in their actions.
I feel sorry for the actress Empress. She will be fine, though.


Oge Nsimah’.

Watch Empress Njama’s Reaction Here


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