Annie Idibia & 11 SHOCKING Signs That Reveal The Nollywood Actress Is OBSESSED With 2Face Idibia

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After so much waiting, Young, Famous, and African, a Netflix reality tv series centred around the lives of 10 a-list celebrities in the African Entertainment industry, season two finally landed. Annie Idibia completely stole the show once again. Sadly, it wasn’t for her fashion sense, businesses, wealth, or long-standing career, but her relationship and marriage with veteran Nigerian singer, Tubaba.

The couple made headlines this time after 2Baba embarrassed her once again during a dinner night with friends. The castmates began talking about marriage and relationships when enraged 2face Idibia out of nowhere began ranting, claiming that a man can love a woman and still cheat on her because of his sexual cravings. He carried on saying that marriage is like a business negotiation. He added that he would only make love to the one he loves, but he can go out and sleep with other people.

As you can imagine, this statement shocked everyone at the table, including Annie Ididibia, who appeared shocked. It’s no secret that Annie’s and Innocent relationship is far from perfect and has been very turbulent since the singer found fame. From cheating back to back on her to having five other children from 2 baby mamas, it sure has been a hell of a ride. We all thought that after nine years of marriage, the actress had gotten over the hurt and humiliation and built a near-perfect home with the African Queen crooner. But it turned out it was only a mirage.

All hell broke loose in September of 2021 when the mother of 2 threatened to divorce the singer. But just as the social media drama started, it all quietened suddenly, leaving fans guessing and wondering how they could make up. Annie finally spilt the tea while featuring on the latest reality TV show, where she implied not once, but many times, that love isn’t what made her rethink and renew their vows on their 10th wedding anniversary, but something a lot stronger, such as Obsession. Did you miss all the gist, mind-blowing scenes, and shocking revelations? Well, sit back as we give you 11 reasons fans believe Annie has wholeheartedly signed up for. “till death do us part and even in the afterlife, if possible.”

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