Atiku Abubakar Divorce Scandal Sets Him Up To Lose The 2023 Presidential Race For The 6th Time?

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The last thing former VP, Atiku Abukakar needs at the moment is the distraction of a marital drama. But like the usual twist of fate, this is the only news of Atiku making waves so far. It all started on January 25, 2022, after an Exclusive report from the People Gazettes gave Nigerians a scoop that the politician who claims he can get Nigeria to the promised land sadly has his own home on fire.

The report detailed how his fourth wife, Jennifer Douglas-Abubakar, filed for divorce and fought him over their properties in Nigeria and Dubai. Instead of laying low, Jennifer, who has been instrumental in establishing his university and past election campaigns, has responded to the reports by opening a can of worms. While denying she divorced the Waziri of Adamawa over his new wife, she mentioned that she left because he wasn’t supporting her extended stay in the UK to look after their kids who need their parents more than anything.

The Igbo beauty, who’s still in her 50s, also noted that her ex-husband has been threatening her life and that of her children and relatives ever since, adding he is the reason she fled Nigeria and would be staying away from the country for a long-time. With all these dreadful details about the presidential aspirant out in the open and his ex-wife gone, It looks like many Nigerians are having a change of heart about him. And we cannot help but ask, is this divorce scandal setting up Atiku Abubakar to fail at the 2023 polls for the 6th time. #AtikuAbubakar #Nigeria2023Election #AtikuAbubakarwife

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