#BBNaija: Can you handle rejection from the opposite sex? – Edward Amah

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Handling rejection from the opposite sex, is one of the most difficult things for most humans. Some do well in the art of handling it, while others fail.  Majority of the people faced with such situations, tend not to do well in handling it.

Fans of Big Brother Naija are currently reacting to the cold attention Maria gave Pere not quite long ago.   Pere told Maria that he liked her, but she was so quick to reply with “I don’t like you.”

Pere’s reaction was both that of surprise and disappointment.  It was not what he expected, since they were both the ‘wildcards’ in the house.

His reaction is a universally acknowledged one, and often seen in the society – most people can’t be strong in the face of rejection.

What does it tell you?

It tells you to be ready for rejections – they can come at any time.

BBNAIJA 2021 – Pere & Maria

Rejections from people you have feelings for is something most people ought to be ready for. Personally, I haven’t faced rejection before, and maybe it’s because I’m hardly in the position of confessing my feelings to someone.  I believe this is so for some others.

But for people who are used to seeking the attention of the opposite sex, it’s not usually the same – a lot of them face these rejections. Some are strong enough to take it as one of those things in life, while others end up turning the other party into an enemy for rejecting them.

Will Pere work against the success of Maria in the house, or will he be matured enough to accept the rejection? Time will tell.

Can you handle rejection from the opposite sex? You should be ready to because it could come at any time. And when it comes, please be matured enough to see it as one of those things.

Written by: Edward Amah

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